Preet Bharara says that even when Giuliani Trump needs to assault prosecutors, he is not going to contemplate him credible

It is hard to imagine that someone would color their reputation as badly as Rudy Giuliani. At one point he was an honored mayor or one of the greatest cities in America.

20 years later, the Trump attorney held a press conference next to a sex shop. There was also the humiliating appearance in the latest Borat movie.

Giuliani’s apartment was recently searched by the FBI and he could get into big trouble. You’d think the FBI would be interested to hear what he had to say about Donald Trump.

But Preet Bharara, the renowned former US attorney, was asked about Giuliani’s situation during an interview with Jake Tapper. Interestingly, both men were prominent US attorneys in the southern borough of New York.

Bharara said to the host:

“We saw … Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen was never shackled by the southern borough of New York. He made it clear that he wanted to help, but maybe they didn’t trust his willingness. Giuliani would not only have to take care of himself, but members of his family, political allies and Donald Trump and everyone else and not everyone, even if you want to save your own skin, is up to the task. It is an important thing to do. Rudy Giuliani seems to have changed a lot in the last few years – and he is to some extent unpredictable. “

The former US attorney then said that he believed Giuliani would be ready to shoot. “Look, “he said,” Giuliani was quoted with this remark … saying “I have insurance” in connection with gullible listeners suggesting that he has information about Donald Trump. What else would he have talked about when referring to insurance in that context? “

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