Information Roundup: GOP Feeds Conspiracy Theories; Psaki does her job; Liz Cheney meets chickens which can be sleeping

It’s Friday again! The good news is that it feels like Fridays come every seven days or so. That being said, a year ago at that time it felt like Fridays would come every couple of weeks and always with bad news. There is hope! Here are some of today’s stories you may have missed:

The Arizona conspiracy audit is “incredibly important,” Stefanik told Bannon
Everyone still hates Liz Cheney
The owner of a small town bar faces major consequences after selling counterfeit vaccine cards to undercover police officers
Study shows COVID-19 deaths in the United States are actually over 900,000
Jen Psaki shows how the White House should respond to questions many people ask
Texas House Republicans are advancing the Voter Suppression Act, which targets people of color

From the community:

Today is the fifth anniversary of the greatest thing that has ever happened
940,000 have so far signed up for ACA coverage via HC.Gov SEP. #GetCovered Thru 8/15!
I have never given THESE bozos access to my ballot

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