By ousting Cheney, the Home Republicans are laying the groundwork for the annulment of the 2024 election

Cheney has specifically called for accountability for the January 6 insurrection and, implicitly, for accountability for the majority of House Republicans who, despite that shameful event, still voted to overthrow a legitimate US election because their candidate failed to do so Victory. She has explicitly warned Republicans against “continuing to lie about the 2020 election and trying to whitewash what happened on January 6th”.

But the Republicans in the House are in no mood for accountability, as this is the strategy they will use going forward if, as increasingly possible, they regain their majority in 2022. A Republican House majority in 2022 and 2024 means Republicans, not Democrats, will count electoral votes in 2024.

What we’re seeing here is a look at the endgame: the Republican Party’s ultimate weapon of Trump’s big lie. Everything Republicans have done since Jan. 6 – from calling for undisputed submission to Trump, to tirelessly reinforcing the lie of electoral fraud, to systematically enacting state laws to suppress voters – points to a logical goal: the Will overturn the will of the American people if it becomes convenient for them to do so.

As Sargent notes, the characters are legible for everyone.

Now think about what else we see. Some Republicans are increasingly reaffirming their willingness to overthrow future elections: the main challenge facing the Georgian foreign minister is to commit to using his power to invalidate future results.

Other Republicans claim the freedom to keep alive the fiction that the election was stolen forever. A GOP sponsored recount is underway in Arizona, clearly designed to produce falsified evidence in support of this false conclusion.

All of this is done with the full approval of the party and the nodding approval of almost all elected Republican officials in Washington. Far more than border testing, it is a barely veiled effort to completely remove the tiresome will of the American voter from the equation.

Sargent writes:

Republicans are releasing any obligation to recognize legitimate future election results, which is the reason for overthrowing them, a freedom they are effectively appropriating. Cheney insists on a GOP future based on completely rejecting these tendencies and being punished for them.

Imagine a close election in which the Democratic candidate has won a victory in Georgia, Arizona, Florida, Iowa, or Ohio – all states that are (for the time being) under full Republican rule. Think of it in Pennsylvania, which currently has a Democratic governor, but may not have until 2024. The GOP legislature in one of those states is against the referendum and is backed by Fox News on “election fraud.” ”Submit an alternate electoral roll to Congress. A house majority, thoroughly dominated by Trump lackeys, confirms these results, ignoring the population’s vote.

Sargent admits that such a scenario would involve many contingencies, such as the individual power and willingness of governors to override state legislation. It seems beyond doubt that such disputes will also be settled by the Supreme Court.

But, as Sargent points out, citing constitutional lawyer Edward Foley, the dispute itself would be “a major crisis,” as handled by American voters in 2020. It is not implausible that the result would run counter to the will of the Americans. It is very plausible that violence would also be widespread in the 2024 elections that featured Donald Trump.

“The core component of the democratic process is that we count the votes as cast,” said Foley. The punishment of Cheney, Foley concluded, suggests that the Republican Party may institutionally “abandon the very essence of democracy.”

Sargent believes that the potential for Republican sabotage in the 2024 election should be part of Democrats’ own narrative as the 2022 election approaches.

The real crime against our democracy that took place on January 6th was not the storming of the Capitol by a Trump-backing mob, but the actions of the 147 members of the Republican House who voted not to certify a free and fair election Simply because it did not produce the desired result. With a Republican party that is radicalizing itself almost daily, no one should have the slightest doubt what GOP officials would do if they had the power to do so.

After all, they have already shown us that democracy means nothing to them.

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