Republicans at the moment are punishing election officers who make voting simpler

Republicans in several states have passed laws punishing local election officials for making voting easier.

The AP reported:

Republicans are creating a new list of penalties for the district officials who run elections, arguing they exceeded their authority in expanding voter access during the coronavirus pandemic.

The new penalties, part of a nationwide Republican campaign to reduce access to ballot papers, are already enshrined in law in Iowa, Georgia, and Florida and are making their way through state houses in Texas and elsewhere. The GOP push came after a presidential contest that saw record turnouts and no widespread problems.

Election officials have warned those responsible for voting administration and ballot counting of a deterrent effect, fearful that they will be punished for minor mistakes, embroiled in partisan fighting or even given up their jobs.

Some of these laws punish local officials with tens of thousands of dollars for unintentional mistakes. Others, like Florida, have fines of up to $ 25,000 for voting ballot boxes.

These election fraud laws will hopefully be gutted by the courts, but if they don’t then the federal government will have to work with both the Department of Justice and Congress legislation.

Republicans don’t try to hide what they’re doing. They want to make sure 2020 never happens again by rigging elections to make it harder for voters who are democratic to vote.

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