Watch: Alex Jones drives the madmen up, requires the execution of Fauci and Gates

The United States is finally starting to fight back the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly 60% of Americans have received at least one vaccination shot, and businesses across the country are starting to reopen.

On the way to this success are anti-Vaxxers and the right media members who urge them to do so. Tucker Carlson certainly did his part in making his viewers falsely question the safety of vaccines.

Alex Jones turned it into a stepfather, as he’s used to. During a recent episode of InfoWars, he requested the execution of Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates.

The conspiracy theorist began: “I don’t like death, I don’t like killing people, I don’t like fighting these killers. But they started a fight with us. And I’m just telling you, as I said in the first hour, that we don’t want violence against Fauci or Bill Gates or the New World Order of vigilante groups. “

Jones continued:

“We want to take our governments and our countries back and we want them to be charged with all evidence and we want to see them at Nuremberg 2. And that’s exactly what I had last weekend – the penultimate weekend Dr. Francis Boyle went on, and he also set out everything that the penalty for what they did is death. And so I’m not saying this to be dramatic. I’m not saying this to put my head in a lion’s mouth – these guys are hyenas, but they can still bite. I’m doing it because I won’t be a coward. “

Fauci was, of course, a calm and trustworthy voice during the pandemic. And Gates helped make vaccines possible in many ways. The two men’s sacrifice shows how contactless Carlson and Jones really are.

Todd Neikirk is a New Jersey-based policy and technology writer. His work has been featured on, and He likes sports, politics, comics, and spends time with his family on the waterfront.

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