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The most obvious evidence of how Miller obstructed the National Guard on January 6th is this letter to the Secretary of the Army. It was issued in response to a direct request for National Guard resources on January 6, at a time when intelligence had already made it clear that among the crowd that came to Washington DC that day were many members of the Proud Boys and others white supremacists belonged to militia groups that were expected to be armed and cause trouble.

That the guard would need more than direct traffic did not require a top-secret clearance. The Washington Post on January 2nd reports:

“Threats of violence, tricks, smuggling weapons into the district, and calls to set up an ‘armed camp’ in the mall have increased in online chats over the January 6th protest day. The Proud Boys, members of armed right-wing groups, conspiracy theorists and white supremacists have pledged to take part. “

However, as CNN reports, Miller is likely to fear that sending troops to the Capitol would have inflamed the situation. In particular, Miller appeared concerned that visible security guards would lead Trump supporters to believe that a “military coup” was underway. “I was also aware of the concerns expressed by many about the previous use of the military in response to protests near the White House in June 2020, and fears that the president would invoke the insurgency law to the military to politicize in an anti-democratic way, “writes Miller in his prepared observations.

So Miller seems ready to testify that he was so concerned about angering Trump supporters with what they might think was a coup that he had to allow them to have a coup to show it was there was no coup.

There will also be talks on Wednesday former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen. Rosen would be the same man Trump wanted to replace with a sycophant who promised to block the January 6 vote. Rosen reportedly refused to go quietly and was eventually saved by the release of statements from Georgia showing Trump’s efforts to manipulate state officials.

If Rosen stands ready to witness Trump’s efforts to replace him with Jeffrey Clark and Clark’s open play to overthrow the election, it could prove to be the most compelling testimony of the day.

Miller’s letter restricting National Guard operations before January 6th

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