Conservatives face the first anti-Trump Cheney in Wyoming

On Wednesday House Republicans ousted Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) from her position as chair of the GOP conference, and now the challengers in Wyoming are ready to oust her from her congressional seat.

Up to six people have already announced that they will ask Cheney for her seat in the House of Representatives in the meantime in 2022. A defiant Cheney told reporters Thursday that she “obviously welcomes anyone” who wants to throw her hat in the ring at her.

“There are millions and millions of Republicans who want us to be a principle party and who are very concerned about the direction the party is going and don’t want the party to be dragged back by the former president becomes. ”

Cheney has been an outspoken critic of former President Donald Trump and has also spoken of her concerns about the Trump-influenced direction of the Republican Party.

Challengers rush to GOP Ouster House to Liz Cheney Elementary School @BreitbartNews

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Trouble for Cheney began with impeachment

Liz Cheney’s troubles began not long after she was ousted from Donald Trump. In February, Cheney was censored by the Republican parties of ten counties in Wyoming. Some used expressions in their announcements of criticism such as “betraying voter confidence” and “devaluing the political influence of Wyoming State”.

Cheney also survived an attempt in February to remove her from chairing the conference, and even Florida Republican Matt Gaetz traveled to Wyoming to encourage voters there to remove her from office.

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At a GOP retreat in Florida last month, calls for her to be removed from the conference chairmanship grew louder as Cheney was on a commission to review events at the Capitol on January 6th.

She also said anyone who questioned the 2020 election results should be banned from the 2024 GOP candidate – a clear shot at Trump.

Cheney says to Savannah Guthrie, “I intend to be the leader, one of the leaders, in a struggle to restore our party.”

Of Trump-backed primary challengers, Cheney said to Guthrie, “Bring it on.”

– Scott Wong (@scottwongDC) May 12, 2021

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Who are Cheney’s challengers?

Cheyenne area senator, gun attorney, and business owner Anthony Bouchard was the first to announce his intention to challenge Cheney.

Another Wyoming lawmaker, a Conservative radio host whose family owns Casper area radio stations, Rep. Chuck Gray, has also announced it will be on.

Retired Army Colonel Denton Knapp, who currently lives in California but grew up in Wyoming and planning a retreat, has thrown his hat in the ring. He said what led him to do so was, “What is missing right now is trust in our elected officials. The Wyomingites expected Cheney to vote in a certain way, and they didn’t. As a result, it has consequences. “

Also in the running is Marissa Joy Selvig, former mayor of Pavillion, a small town with 200 inhabitants. Selvig said, “I’ve never been a fan of Cheney.” She added, “She worked more for herself and the Republican Party than she did for the people of Wyoming. I see. “

Businessman Darin Smith is the youngest challenger to announce his candidacy. He announced his intention to run last week.

Liz Cheney’s challengers have a long, tough battle ahead of them, writes @IAmNickReynolds

– Washington Post Opinions (@PostOpinions) May 9, 2021

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Could be an uphill battle for Cheney opponents

Liz Cheney has an impressive track record when it comes to campaigning. She has beaten both Democratic and Republican opponents in cowboy state and enjoys all the benefits of tenure.

She raised $ 1.5 million in the first quarter of this year, her best fundraising quarter to date. As the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, she also enjoys universal notoriety and family heritage benefits.

Before Cheney was in the house, he ran an unfortunate Senate campaign against then Senator Mike Enzi, but resigned after just six months. Accusations of being a “carpet wrapper” haunted Cheney, claiming she did not spend much time in Wyoming until 2012 when she moved to affluent Jackson Hole.

Liz Cheney can do what she sees fit, but she may want to go home to see if the Wyoming people agree.

WYOMING. Retired Army Col Denton Knapp (R) and trainee lawyer Robyn Belinskey (R) take on Cong Liz Cheney (R), bringing their primary challenger field to seven.

– (@ Politics1com) May 10, 2021

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