MP Matt Gaetz mocks intercourse trafficking allegations, however Republican allies might abandon him

However, Gaetz has opted for the Trumpian approach of simply mocking the allegations against him and asking his audience to do the same. During a recent appearance in The Villages, Florida – picture the city as the love child of Branson, Missouri, and syphilis – Gaetz joked to his community audience that CNN announced his rally as “Matt Gaetz has a wild party among beautiful women” would report. “”

He was joined by QAnon’s promoter of the conspiracy, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, because he was natural: This is the current state of the party. Both Gaetz’s base and his most resilient allies in the House of Representatives may have once dealt with QAnon conspiracy theories about child trafficking and other alleged crimes of their enemies, but present them with an actual sex trafficker or other party-loyal criminals, and they will flock to the city halls and conventions to give Team Sex Trafficking a standing ovation.

On Saturday, suspected sex addict illegal drug user Gaetz, illicit drug trafficking in children, once again brushed aside his likely charges, and his tough Republican audience was once again eager to hear them. In a keynote address at the Ohio Political Summit, a Republican Party shindig, NBC News reported that Gaetz sniffed that he was “falsely accused of exchanging money for naughty favors.”

“Still, Congress has reintroduced a process that legalizes the corrupt act of changing money for favors through ear tags, and everyone knows that this is corruption,” he continued.

Yes, in Republican Matt Gaetz’s measured assessment of these things, it is certainly less of a scandal to fill your post-party political speech with cocaine and sex workers, or to repeatedly pay a minor for sexual acts, than to press for one new highway in your house to build circle. The man may indeed have stumbled upon the most condensed essence of the new republicanism. Crimes are good; governing is bad; Let us all come together and protect the blackmailers, the rioters and the child rapists instead of our enemies allowing new bridges to be built.

The man is on fire. Unfortunately not literally.

NBC News reports that Gaetz has received standing ovations from the 400-strong Republican crowd following his remarks, which will be re-examined: The party base is continuing their own efforts by the Republican Party and elected Republican officials to elevate those instead Avoiding them to commit crooked or violent acts. From attacking reporters to international blackmail and expressions of solidarity with those attempting actual insurrection, the party’s fascist instincts have come together in a comprehensive defense against corruption and scandal, coupled with ridiculous verbal abuse of the alleged crimes of outsiders. Rep. Jim Jordan not only survived after multiple prosecutors identified him as a college wrestling coach ignoring the harassment of athletes under his care, but also attacked his prosecutors so scornfully and aggressively that his peers offered him a new one Omnipresence in Congress rewarded any hearing or investigation into which another Republican was accused of grotesque or criminal behavior.

Gaetz himself nodded in this direction on Saturday, praised Jordan and told the audience that he was striving to become “the Robin” for Jordan’s “Batman”.

The two men seem to share an implicit bond. Whatever it could be.

However, there are some indications that Gaetz’s party believes he can no longer be saved now. NBC noted that “several” Republican candidates for office as well as Gaetz allies and insurgent MP Lauren Boebert resigned from the Ohio event after organizers added Matt Gaetz to speak. Crouching instead of appearing publicly in the same room as your ex-ally is generally only a step if there is an expectation of mug shots to arrive in the days ahead. Given that Gaetz’s party continues to shower Trump with praise even after Trump’s violent uproar, Boebert and his relatives must believe that Gaetz’s legal problems are both significant and more … imminent. Not, as Gaetz himself further emphasizes, just a question of paying for “naughty favors”.

From what we know from published news, the guy asked college teen for sex at a hotel room party while snorting cocaine provided by an escort from the bathroom countertop. As a member of the house.

Yes, that may be considered a “family value” among loyal Republicans, but it’s still not here in the heartland of Literally Anywhere Else.

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