Home votes to create a fee on Jan. 6, however McConnell is doing what he all the time does – blocking justice

The commission drafted by the House Homeland Security Committee couldn’t be simpler or more generous in the power it gives the minority party. Modeled on a similar body created to investigate September 11th, the commission “is tasked with investigating the facts and circumstances surrounding January 6th Attack on the Capitol and the factors that might have provoked the attack on our democracy. “

The 10-person body should not be composed of political figures, but of people with “considerable expertise in the areas of law enforcement, civil rights, civil liberties, data protection, secret services and cybersecurity”. Anyone currently serving in government is ineligible, and choices are evenly split between majority and minority leadership in the House of Representatives and the Senate. The commission can issue subpoenas, but subpoenas must be approved by both the Democratic chairman and the Republican vice chairman.

In terms of structure and purpose, the commission created by the House Bill is in no way oriented towards a democratic position. The fact that the Democrats agreed to this structure despite having a majority in the House and Senate is evidence of the idea that they just want to know the truth.

Which of course is the problem.

Because many Republicans will have to be put in a very, very bad light if the full truth comes out. Not least the man who was the ultimate source of “wild lies”. For this reason, Donald Trump insisted on his new website this week that the conspicuously bipartisan commission was a “democratic trap” and a “party political injustice”. And Trump advocated that every commission should investigate every act of violence that the Republicans accuse the Democrats of, even if precisely none of these events threatened to overturn the election results and destroy our system of government.

Both Republicans and the right-wing media picked up Trump’s issue immediately. McCarthy made a statement that he could not support the commission because they would not investigate. “political violence “ Left. It makes perfect sense to refuse to vote for a 9/11 commission unless it also covers protests in Vietnam. Or the civil rights movement.

There is no connection or comparison between what happened on January 6th and what happened during the protests against Black Lives Matter following the police murder of George Floyd. No link except how men like Trump and McCarthy used lies about the Black Lives Matter protests to arouse anger among many of the same groups behind the Jan. 6 violence.

When McConnell spoke on February 13, he agreed that “Former President Trump’s actions prior to the uprising were a shameful breach of duty. “There is no question that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of that day. “McConnell also pushed back against Republicans who voted against the ratification of the election in the House or Senate. In fact, McConnell said on Tuesday that he was open to voting for the commission.

But, as the New York Times reports, McConnell “reversed” his position and declared his opposition to the commission. McConnell has made it clear that not only will he vote no, but he will also insist that other Republicans vote against the commission.

This reversal occurred “under pressure from Mr. Trump”. And now McConnell is absolutely sticking to the Trump line, making the same nonsensical claims that the hardworking bipartisan commission would be kind of unfair for not also dealing with events unrelated to the Capitol attack. Before Trump’s testimony, it seemed a matter of course for the Senate to pass the commission. Now it seems impossible. This change of tone came after both McConnell and McCarthy “panned the proposal with … Mr. Trump”.

The man McConnell specifically said is “practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of that day ”is allowed to break off an investigation of these events. Even in exile, even in defeat, Trump rules the Republicans. And the reason is simple. As Politico notes, Trump is their “money cow”.

In a party that literally has no platform and absolutely no vision for the future, the only way to involve its voters – and donors – is through fear and anger. Nobody creates this fear and anger more than Trump. Republicans aren’t just giving in to Trump, they’re sold out.

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