Rep who berated reporters for saying she ignored the steel detector can be fined for ignoring the steel detector

Catch sight of!

Let’s unpack this for the non-tweeters, shall we? Our story begins on the morning of January 13th with an observation from Matt Fuller of The Daily Beast.

It was exactly a week after the Capitol Uprising when tensions were believed to be at their peak and for some reason members of Congress – who were still emotionally recovering from the assassination seven days ago – were a little nervous.

Foxx replied within a few hours: It was FAKE NEWS!


Pop quiz. If a reporter says something, and then a Republican says something that directly contradicts the original statement, you should:

a) Believe the reporter

b) Believe the Republican

c) Must there be a damn c)?

d) Seriously, how did you even get past a)? Why are you still taking this quiz?

About 20 minutes later, Fuller defended his coverage in the strongest possible terms.


And that’s where these two left their spit online. Until yesterday this is:


Of course, Fascist Ms. Foxx, who voted against both Trump impeachments, was fined for a new infraction that only happened a few days ago. But if she’s a mockery now, it stands to reason that the reporter who called her earlier may have been telling the truth.

From the USA today:

Rep. Virginia Foxx, RN.C. 6 security measure das other republicans also occasionally did not follow.

On May 13, the Congresswoman “ran the magnetometer and set off the alarm” and “tossed her bag under the table” next to the screening device, according to a memorandum of the incident filed by the US Capitol Police. Foxx said she was late to vote, according to a testimony.

Foxx bypassed a USCP official who tried to stop her but returned to the review area after the vote to complete the review process. One officer testified that she said, “It’s good no one stopped me …” The incident was observed by an unknown reporter, according to the memorandum.

“A good thing” isn’t it? I imagine that’s what the rioters Donald Trump sent to assassinate his Vice President said.

If Foxx wants the metal detectors to go away and decorum return, maybe she should have helped remove the tang-stained tumor that continues to metastasize out of control of our nation’s (i.e., “Florida”) sphincter still pulsing.

But that would have taken a lot more courage than it would take to blow through a metal detector in the Capitol, right?

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