Report: Trump fired FBI director Wray final yr, however Invoice Barr threatened to give up

At the end of Donald Trump’s tenure, everyone who was considered “adults in the room” had resigned. John Kelly, Rex Tillerson, and James Mattis were all long gone.

William Barr became attorney general for his loyalty to Donald Trump. He’d practically auditioned for the role by writing a pro-Trump in the Washington Post.

But, amazingly, there were lines that even Barr wouldn’t cross. Politico reports that Barr prevented Trump from firing FBI Director Christopher Wray by threatening to quit.

Trump was particularly outraged by Wray’s comments on Russia. Wray has always been open about Russia’s interference and how Trump benefited from it and put the country at risk. Trump and his team wanted to replace Wray with Kash Patel, an ally of Devin Nunes.

Daniel Lippman reports:

“Patel – in a previous role as top advisor to Rep. Devin Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee – had spearheaded the California legislature’s efforts to refute Special Adviser Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. He later joined the staff of the National Security Council, where he was named Senior Director, Counter Terrorism. At the time of the April White House meeting, Patel had recently changed jobs to become senior advisor in the office of the director of the National Intelligence Service. “

Wray’s shooting was thwarted by Barr. That story could give more insight into Trump, and his attorney general found himself in one such feud towards the end. In December, the former president tweeted a message that slammed Barr, writing, “Why didn’t Bill Barr reveal the truth before the election? “

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