Information Abstract: Federal Decide Says Betsy DeVos Has One thing To Clarify; DHS cancels ICE contracts

Welcome on thursday! There’s a lot going on as the Republican Party is doing its damned job to speak out of both sides of its mouth. The Biden government continues its two-pronged mandate to fix what was broken as it passed our previous position.

Here are some of today’s stories:

Parents of another 54 separated children have been found, while the search for hundreds of others continues
The judge orders Betsy DeVos to make a three hour deposit to explain the refusal to grant the loan
Republicans admit Trump was responsible for January 6, but also refuse to investigate Trump’s orders
Senator Tina Smith continues to share her experiences with depression, and we need to keep listening
Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stop selling arms to Israel
Cops lie. Look no further than the first press release following George Floyd’s death for evidence
The Illinois Supreme Court elections could lead to a decade of GOP minority rule if the Democrats fail to act
The DHS secretary orders the termination of ICE contracts with two locations that are being investigated by the federal government
My 2021 autistic graduate and other disabled people deserve respect

From the Daily Kos Community:

Crazy / Stupid Republican of the Day: Paul Wieland – Update 2021
Denier in Disguise: Michael Shellenberger’s very serious interview with E&E News


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