The noose tightens round Matt Gaetz when his ex-girlfriend works with the federal government

Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL) stays on the House Justice Committee, but the walls close as his ex-girlfriend works with federal investigators.

CNN reported:

The woman, a former Capitol Hill employee, is considered a critical witness because she was linked to Gaetz in the summer of 2017. This time has turned out to be the central control window for the investigators. It can also help investigators understand the relevance of the hundreds of transactions they have received on record, including those that allegedly involve payments for sex, the sources said.

The news of the woman’s willingness to talk, which has not yet been reported, comes just days after the Justice Department officially reached an agreement with Joel Greenberg, a one-time close friend of Gaetz, whose involvement with young women met Congressman for the first time attracted radar to investigators.

The federal government is methodically building a case against Matt Gaetz. Kevin McCarthy, Chairman of the Minority House of Representatives, has refused to remove Gaetz from his committee duties, although it is becoming increasingly clear that Gaetz will soon be indicted.

Rep. Gaetz’s goose is increasingly looking cooked. His Pedo buddy is behind bars and sings in front of the government. His ex-girlfriend gives the investigators valuable information and intelligence.

There is no longer a corrupt President in the White House who could possibly save Gaetz by dropping the case or issuing a pardon.

Every new person who freaks is another step towards Matt Gaetz ending up in jail.

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