Joe Manchin lets Mitch McConnell play him for a sucker. It is embarrassing to look at in any respect

McConnell, 2010: “The most important thing we want to achieve is that President Obama is a president for a term.”

McConnell, 2021: “I am 100% focused on stopping this new administration. “

But Joe Manchin thinks McConnell will suddenly operate in good faith?

An institutionalist would not have held a Supreme Court seat open for nearly a year assuming it was an election year and then rush to fill another Supreme Court seat weeks before an election. But McConnell did.

An institutionalist would support an investigation into a deadly attack on the Capitol to prevent Congress from fulfilling its constitutional duty of peaceful transfer of power. But McConnell is against it.

Meanwhile, McConnell uses Manchin – certainly grinning every time he thinks about it – to give Republicans near-complete control of the Senate agenda. Senator Elizabeth Warren is telling the truth when she tells McConnell “believes that he should have a veto on anything the President of the United States and the majority elected to Congress want to do. It is wrong. This was his playbook when Obama was president, and he dusted it off again. “

McConnell is on his way to filibusting an independent commission on Jan. 6 that Manchin believes is so valuable. He uses Manchin’s insistence on finding an imaginary “moderate, reasonable center” of infrastructure to drag that priority to sustained death when McConnell has his way, even when Manchin likely wants an infrastructure bill passed. Time and again, Manchin is a very useful instrument that gives the Republicans the space to assert themselves in good faith, which they obviously do not have, and gives them the leverage to exercise veto power on things that Manchin supports. Whatever else Manchin thinks, he needs to understand that he’s being played for a sucker, and if he loses in 2022 after giving so much of what the Republicans wanted, it is those sucks that will be his legacy .

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