Opinion: Pence’s Christian Fascist employer is writing payments to suppress Republican voters

Republicans in dozens of states are working feverishly to suppress the right to vote because they hate democracy. It should come as no surprise, however, that there is a dark money group that funds a Christofascist organization that writes the laws against democracy. Nor should it be a revelation that former Vice President Mike Pence works for the fanatical evangelical organization that campaigns for the Republican election.

Forty-one years ago a symbiotic relationship began in earnest between the Republican Party and a far-right Christian group that became the Heritage Foundation. That relationship has never waned and has only grown stronger with the influx of untraceable “dark money” courtesy of the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling.

It is now evident that the “special symbiotic relationship” is responsible for Georgia’s stringent voter restriction laws, provided by former Vice President Mike Pence’s Christofascist employer – the Heritage Foundation.

The Heritage Foundation’s goal is clear: Restrict who can vote so that extremist religious law can vote Republicans who “introduce ultra-conservative Christian policies” that invariably affect the LGBTQ community, public education and the rights of the Aims women. These are guidelines close and dear to Mike “Preacher” Pence’s dirty black heart.

Mother Jones first reported that a leaked video revealed the leader of a dark-money group that boasted how easy it was to write a law to suppress Republican voters across the country, starting with Georgia.

Jessica Anderson is the executive director of Heritage Action for America and told Heritage donors that Georgia’s voter suppression law “contains eight key provisions that Heritage recommended”. In fact, Anderson said of heritage donors:

“In some cases, we actually design them for them. Or we have a sentry on our behalf who gives them the model legislation so they have the base, bottom up. We did it quickly and we did it quietly. Georgia became a model for the rest of the country.

We are working with these state lawmakers to ensure they have all of the information they need to help draft the bills. In some cases, not only did we draft the bills, but we also hired government lobbyists to make sure we were meeting the right people in those target states.

We are literally giving marching orders for the week ahead. All in all, we’re singing from the same song sheet of the goals for this week and where the state bills are across the country. “

Some of the marching orders contain specific provisions that make it difficult, if not impossible, for all eligible voters to hear their voices. You should look familiar to anyone watching Republicans’ efforts to stop all Americans from voting. They emerged straight from the Heritage Foundation’s list of “Best Practices” and include:

“Limiting post boxes for postal ballot papers, preventing electoral officers from sending postal ballot application forms to voters, making it easier for GOP-approved agents to monitor polls, preventing postal ballot collection from being collected, and limiting the ability of counties to accept donations from nonprofit groups involved in electoral administration want to help. “

And they are implementing these fascist atrocities in dozens of states just to vote Republicans to push legislation against homosexuals and women to satisfy evangelical law that the creator of the Heritage Foundation dreamed of over four decades ago.

The Christofascist Heritage Foundation brought the anti-gay Christian crusader Mike Pence on board in February to advise the over-evangelical hate group on questions of public order as a “Distinguished Visiting Fellow”. And the cost of creating “model legislation” to suppress the vote was paid for by a “dark money” group of $ 24 million.

Known for its fierce opposition to equality for all Americans, the Heritage Foundation has indeed led the religious rights crusade against LGBTQ rights, with particularly bad hatred of transgender people.

Heritage is one of the leading providers of anti-transgender laws in Republican states this year and is forcibly rejecting the passage of the Equal Opportunities Act. It is also noteworthy that Heritage “populated the Trump administration with its former associates such as Roger Severino, who initiated most of the Trump administration’s anti-trans measures”.

As most sane Americans know, none of the raging bills in the Republican states to suppress voters is about electoral integrity – it is about a fascist takeover. And many Americans may know that Republicans would disappear without the fanatical evangelical class. The freak of nature who started the Heritage Foundation was one such fanatic, and while long dead, his organization moves the proverbial heaven and real earth to elect Republicans to bid evangelicals. Legacy gasps to destroy democracy, but their long-term goal is the implementation of a Christian theocracy – which is why they hired evangelical fanatic Mike Pence as a public policy advisor.

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