WATCH: Biden presents a listing of GOP lawmakers who voted towards after which dared to assist COVID

Shortly after taking office, Joe Biden put forward an aggressive COVID relief plan. Given that the pandemic has hit both Democrats and Republicans alike, the bill has been hugely popular with voters across the political spectrum.

Still, not a single Republican senator was ready to vote for the bill. That didn’t stop GOP lawmakers from recognizing the extra money, however, as it began to hit their constituents’ pockets. During an appearance on Thursday, Joe Biden called out these callous politicians.

Biden told reporters, “Hundreds of thousands of retirees and workers across Ohio and millions more across the country. Can trust that their pensions, which they worked so damn hard and sacrificed to get, are there for them. In contrast to my father, who broke his neck all his life and when the company went under, he completely lost his pension: “

The President continued:

“Even my Republican friends in Congress didn’t vote for the bailout. I won’t embarrass any of them, but I have a list here. As if back in their districts, they brag about the bailout plan. They advertised the restaurant revitalization fund. They touted the fact that we are in a situation where they are dealing with touted community health center grants … I mean some people are not ashamed. But I am happy. I’m glad you know your constituents have benefited from this. That’s OK. But if you’re trying to get credit for what you’ve done, don’t get in the way of what we have to do. “

This was a smart way for Biden to attack the Republicans, especially in a potential swing state like Ohio. Check out a video of the comments below:

Joe Biden is calling on Republicans who voted against COVID relief and then took out credit when the money got into their constituents’ pockets.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) May 27, 2021

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