In a single day Republican gimmicks over China legislation postpone the vote.

But Johnson, with the support of some of his friends, was determined to hesitate. Sen. Rick Scott’s attempt to postpone the vote until after the weeklong Memorial Day hiatus failed, but Johnson and Scott joined Sens. John Kennedy, Mike Lee and Rand Paul, who asked for more time. About a vote that kept the Senate busy all day on Thursday. She and other Republicans eventually gained an hour of speaking time each, with three of them using their hours before the Senate adjourned at nearly 3 a.m. ET. Five more are expected to take the Senate’s time with this nonsense on Friday before running a series of procedural votes that could drag on. And then – and at this point it can be in the early morning hours of Saturday, if Thursday evening and Friday morning are a guideline – the vote of the Commission can take place on January 6th.

At this point the Republicans will filibuster.

They are filibussing because they don’t want the public to know what led to the deadly attack on the Capitol, because they don’t want the public to know who is responsible and what these people did to promote the uprising , and because they remain loyal to Donald Trump over democracy or truth. They want to ride Trump’s Big Lie to victories in 2022, and when they can’t win, they want to undermine or even overturn elections to gain more power. And 10 out of 50 Republican senators are not expected to vote for a commission in which the Democrats have allowed everything the Republicans originally called for.

Republicans are currently claiming they are against the bill because the Democrats have another concession to make – giving Republicans more control over employee hiring decisions – but come on. We’ve seen Democrats give Republicans the things they asked for and Republicans are still against it, and while sitting behind closed doors, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell made it clear that the problem wasn’t in the details lie in how a commission would be run with its very existence. McConnell even called for “a personal favor” to lock votes against the commission after the family of fallen Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick teamed up with officers traumatized and wounded in the attack to urge Republicans to vote yes .

Senator Lisa Murkowski, one of the few Republicans expected to advance on the commission, is confused about why her party is behaving the way it is. “To make a decision for short-term political gain at the expense of understanding and recognizing what lay ahead of us on January 6th, I believe we need to be critical. Is it really about one election cycle at a time? ”She said.

Can she mean it? After all, she met Mitch McConnell. She has worked with him for years and short-term political gain has always been his goal. (Also long-term political gain.)

Truth is tough stuff, but we have a responsibility for it, ”she added. “We just can’t pretend that nothing bad happened or that people were just getting too excited. Something bad happened. And it’s important to express that.“Yes, and precisely because the truth is harsh and not just people are too excited, your Republicans don’t want a commission.

The Democratic Senator Joe Manchin also said he was driven by naivety, in his case to defend the filibuster. “You have to trust that there are ten good people, ”Manchin said, insisting that even if there aren’t ten good people, he won’t change the premise that those ten good people have to exist for the Senate to work can.

Republicans have long had the goal of breaking the government so they can follow the message that the government is not working. You’re doing a bang-up job.

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