Information Roundup: Republicans Filibusting the Fee, Fee, Fee

It is Friday! In the early hours of the morning, the Republican Party destroyed our country’s ability to investigate, as the daguerreotype was the primary form of visual media our nation has come closest to a coup. It’s not surprising, but it’s a sad statement about where our country stands. But it’s friday! We have a long weekend to spend with our loved ones and friends, thinking of the millions of those who have come and died before us after telling our country in its many battles over the past 244 years, 10 months and 24 days have defended.

McConnell asks for “a personal favor” and the Republicans respond by calling the Commission on Jan.
“Democrats will find out the truth,” says Pelosi after the Republicans murdered the commission on Jan. 6
Without realizing it, Manchin admits that his absurd bipartisan shenanigans doomed the Democrats’ success
McConnell killed the Jan 6 commission and Manchin and Sinema let him
Trump’s treats have taken over the Republican Party, but a handful of rebels have been playing for a long time

From the community:

A 3-year-old child dies in Vieques, Puerto Rico, where there is still no hospital
California’s water crisis
Maricopa County AZ Recorder, Republican Stephen Richer, calls Audit “insane” and gives details.

Hate is the coward’s revenge for intimidation.

-George Bernard Shaw

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