Trump sees his future as Netanyahu, who was booted from the workplace, faces attainable prison conviction

A coalition of Israeli opposition parties has agreed to form a government to oust Netanyahu from power.

The Washington Post reported:

A diverse coalition of Israeli opposition parties announced Sunday that they had the votes to form a unity government to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving leader and dominant political figure for more than a decade.

Under their agreement, reached after weeks of negotiations under the leadership of centrist opposition leader Yair Lapid, former Netanyahu Defense Minister and ally Naftali Bennett will lead a power-sharing government.

Netanyahu is currently on trial for bribery, and the only thing that will save him from possible jail time is his office. If the agreement between the opposition parties holds, Netanyahu will be ousted from power and nothing will prevent him from facing criminal convictions and possibly imprisonment.

Netanyahu’s pal, the failed former President of the United States, is in a similar situation. Trump faces bank and tax fraud charges in Manhattan.

When Trump sees what could happen to Netanyahu, he takes a look at his own potential future. It’s no surprise that Netanyahu and the one-year-old president are friends. They appear to be two cut from the same fabric. A kind of fabric that they could use to swap the clothes of power for prison uniforms in the near future.

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