Michael Flynn says a Myanmar-style coup “ought to happen right here”, then denies saying it


Here is the video of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn who says he believes that a coup like the coup in Myanmar should take place in the US.

– Mamie 😌 (@MC_Hyperbole) May 30, 2021

After a video of these statements exploded online, the former national security adviser tried again, bizarre, to claim that he had not specifically said what he had filmed. “There is NO reason for a coup in America and I have not and have not called for such an action,” he yelled at his Parler colleagues on Memorial Day.

As Aaron Blake of the Washington Post points out, this has become routine for Flynn. He says something that clearly supports martial law, an overthrow of the government, or the QAnon movement itself, it gets national attention, and he or an ally replies by claiming he never meant it and you are all fake news, because you think he did it. However, Flynn is a liar through and through. He was reportedly fired from his White House position for lying to federal investigators and the American Jesus Mike Pence. He’s not good at it; Like Trump, he simply cheers his audience on with dwarfed claims that everything you saw didn’t happen. If you are a believer, you will go along with it, and if you are not, he doesn’t care.

If you’re someone who thinks that Flynn’s Parler disclaimer, which is aimed at “all fake news journalists,” sounds suspiciously like something issued for (ahem) legal reasons, then there is a solid one out there Support for this theory. Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell also alleged that media reporting Flynn’s remarks (you know, by showing the video in which he said it) “grossly skewed” his comments.

Powell, who toured the country after the election claiming the election results had been rigged and who had filed countless lawsuits to topple the polls, all laughed at by sometimes incredulous judges from virtual courtrooms, was also at the QAnon Funfest that weekend . Their contribution to the discourse was to reassure the crowd that Trump could simply be “reinstated” and Biden removed from office after somehow proving that Trump had been betrayed of his rightful position as an incompetent god. King. Oh, but it threw cold water on the idea that Trump’s second term would then be extended to make up for “lost time” in the White House. For now.

True QAnon believers, however, may not want to get too excited about their assurances. Just a week ago, Sidney Powell’s own attorneys told a court that “no sane person” would really believe Powell’s public claims that Dominion voting machines had been tampered with to convert Trump votes to Biden votes were “assertions of fact.” If Powell and Flynn’s ongoing claims suggesting that the Biden administration is illegitimate and that the folks at “Minimar” might have some good ideas on how to fix that result in more violence or terrorism per Trump, they will both quickly tell the courts that no “reasonable” person would take them seriously.

Flynn in particular seems to be completely out of control at this point. It’s not clear if he himself knows what he believes and what not, but he doesn’t seem to care at all about the violence he and his allies have already unleashed. Instead, those in Trump’s orbit seem intent on asking for more. You probably won’t see Michael Flynn at the forefront of the new violence that comes after the January 6 riot, but he continues to run into it at the conferences and meetings that confirm these violent views.

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