Texas Democrats are stepping out of the home and stopping the election fraud invoice from being handed

Shortly before the midnight deadline at the end of the legislative period, the Texas Democrats left parliament to refuse a quorum and prevent an election fraud bill from being passed.

The Texas Tribune reported:

But on Sunday evening, when lawmakers had an hour to finally approve the bill, the Democrats staged a strike to prevent a vote on the bill before a fatal deadline.

“Leave the chamber discreetly. Don’t go to the gallery. Get out of the building, ”said Chris Turner, chairman of the House Democratic Committee, in a text message to fellow Democrats received from The Texas Tribune.

Texas law puts new restrictions on mail-in voting, capping early voting times, and ending local options like drive-through voting.

In other words, it’s a bill that targets everything Democrats are really good at to get their voters to the polls.

If people vote in large numbers, Republicans lose. The GOP has launched a national campaign to prevent people from voting.

The process on the bill will start over in the special session of the legislature, but Republicans failed to get the bill through in the middle of the night and that is a huge victory as more time and public attention will only turn into backlash and public outrage trigger grow.

The State Democrats are doing everything they can to protect the right to vote, but they need help from the Democrats in Congress and the Biden administration as soon as possible.

Photo: Alexa Ura of the Texas Tribune via Twitter

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