“All indications level to a possible indictment” in NYC Trump investigations, says Dan Abrams

ABC Attorney General and Mediaite Founder Dan Abrams went on “The View” Tuesday, claiming that “all indications point to a probable indictment” in the Manhattan Attorney’s investigation into former President Donald Trump’s organization.

“Let’s talk about the ongoing investigation against the Trump organization,” said co-host Sara Haines. “The Manhattan attorney has set up a special grand jury to decide whether to bring criminal charges against former President Trump, his company executives, or the company itself.”

“Now President Trump has denied any wrongdoing and is calling it a political witch hunt. No former US president has ever been charged with a crime. So I want to ask you, will he be the first and who should be most worried? ”She asked.

Backstory: New York announces criminal investigation into Trump organization

Abrams ends

“All signs point to a likely charge,” Abrams replied. “Why am I saying that? First, you have the dispute over former President Trump’s tax returns. Then you have the hiring of a very high profile public prosecutor who is essentially overseeing this case. “

“He leaves a very comfortable job to work in the DA office on this case and that is his expertise,” he added. “Now you have the special grand jury that has been cast. You don’t usually get a grand jury like that unless they think they have evidence of a crime. So all evidence, all signals point to a likely charge against someone, if not more than one person. “

“This Manhattan attorney in particular can investigate any potential crime that comes across his desk, and we’re not talking about Donald Trump as president with the protection the president has,” Abrams continued.

“We’re talking about what Donald Trump did as a private individual regarding real estate deals and possible bank fraud, etc.,” he concluded. “So in that sense he’s being treated like anyone else, which makes this investigation a whole different type.”

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. @ danabrams says @TheView that “all signs point to probable charges” in the Trump investigation: “They don’t get a special grand jury like this unless they believe they have evidence of a crime. All evidence So all signals point to a likely charge against someone. ”

– The View (@TheView) June 1, 2021

Trump tears up Inton investigation

Trump himself has spoken out in favor of breaking up the investigation against him.

“There is nothing more corrupt than an investigation desperately looking for a crime,” Trump said after the launch. “But make no mistake, this is exactly what is happening here. The New York attorney general literally worked to prosecute Donald Trump even before they knew anything about me. “

This piece was written by James Samson on June 1st, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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