NC County’s Coca-Cola machines banned after the corporate criticized Georgia’s electoral regulation

Coca-Cola (Coke) vending machines are removed from government buildings in Surry County, North Carolina after the company criticized Georgia state electoral law.

Officials approved the measure last month, according to NBC News.

Surry County’s Commissioner Ed Harris briefed Coke CEO James Quincey in a letter accusing the company of engaging in “political comments made by the company in favor of the Democrats.”

“Our board of directors felt that this was the best way to take a stand and express our disappointment with Coca-Cola’s actions, which do not reflect most of the views of our citizens,” Harris said, according to NBC.

He urged other organizations across the country to take similar actions targeting companies that are more politically focused than their customers.

An NC officer criticizes the company’s vigilance and explains why his county bans cola machines.

– The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) June 3, 2021

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Coca-Cola machines removed after CEO said Georgia electoral law was “unacceptable”

Harris went on to point out that the “left in America” ​​is usually part of the demolition culture because they know that conservatives will “huddle in the corner” and “we should accept”.

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So he’s firing back for a change – although some could certainly argue that what Surry County is doing is breaking the culture itself.

The ban on Coke machines in North Carolina government facilities follows Quincey statements attacking the Georgia Vocal Integrity Act.

“Let me be crystal clear and unequivocal,” said Quincey back in March, “this legislation is unacceptable, it is a step backwards and it does not promote the principles that we advocated in Georgia.”

He accused Georgia of “taking a step back”.

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey escalates criticism of recently passed electoral laws in Georgia, saying that Coke – headquartered in Atlanta – “has long made efforts to make voting easier”

– CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) April 1, 2021

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Cola – wake up, go broke

Politicians have been expected to take sides on Georgia’s electoral law. Republicans say it protects voter integrity and Democrats say it is nothing but voter repression.

However, public service companies should really think twice about weighing such matters.

According to a poll by Rasmussen shortly after Quincey’s comment, two-thirds of Americans are against corporate policy.

The survey also found that 59% of respondents believe that companies burdening political affairs further exacerbate the political divide in America.

59% believe that companies taking political positions increase divisions in America

– Tammy Bruce (@HeyTammyBruce) April 6, 2021

As NBA legend Michael Jordan once said when asked why he wasn’t politically active throughout his career, “Republicans buy sneakers too.”

Former President Donald Trump in April called on the Conservatives to “fight back” and boycott companies like Coca-Cola that have attacked Georgia’s electoral law.

President Trump on the GA boycotts:

“Boycott Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, JPMorgan Chase, ViacomCBS, Citigroup, Cisco, UPS and Merck. Don’t go back to their products until they give in. We can play the game better than them. “


– Natalie Harp (@NatalieJHarp) April 3, 2021

“For years, the radical left Democrats have played dirty, boycotting products if anything is done by this company or stated in any way that offends them,” Trump said.

“It is finally time for Republicans and Conservatives to fight back.”

Is Surry County doing the right thing by fighting back, or is it the wrong way to go to the demolition culture level?

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