Organising a choose committee on January sixth is the most suitable choice. Simply do it

The formation of a select committee gives Pelosi more control over the schedule and composition of the panel, and it could limit the number of Republicans who sit on it. It would have subpoena power as well, and while Republican objectives of those subpoenas would certainly tie them up in court, Americans would have the benefit of seeing another exercise in GOP disability. In addition, as Joan pointed out, the committee could obtain documents that are currently sealed in the National Archives.

While they have been officially under the seal for several years, Congress has the power to break the seal. We don’t know what record the White House has of what went on that day – or the days before it – but any records that exist would be fairly readily available to the House and would require Trump to sue for theirs To prevent release.

In the end, there is no getting around the investigation being ridiculed by Republicans as partisans – so why not just go ahead. Minority leader Kevin McCarthy stood in for New York City MP John Katko to negotiate a deal with the Democrats to structure a 9/11 commission, and then turned the deal down, even though it included every one of his original demands.

So put together a select committee to do the job and uncover as much as you can about the origins of January 6th. Republicans will spend the rest of the 2022 cycle impaling anything as a democratic seizure of power or a witch hunt. It is now up to the Democrats to uncover enough credible and damning information to convince Americans that 2022 is not a question of Republicans versus Democrats, but a question of Republicans versus Democracy. And the Democrats should pursue this message by all means – including a special committee on Jan. 6.

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