Border patrol finds 5-year-old lady strolling alone close to the border wall

On Tuesday, border officials reported finding a 5-year-old Guatemalan girl hiking alone on the border wall near San Ysidro, California. According to Border Patrol, the agents came across the little girl sometime Monday morning.

Border officials also said they saw the girl abandoned and were able to rescue her before harm could be done to her.

They said she was in good health but could not find contact information on her about any family or guardian living in the United States


# BorderPatrol agents encountered a 5 year old girl wondering alone along the border. The most vulnerable populations are exploited for financial gain. Fortunately, this child was met before harm could be done to her.

– Chief Patrol Agent Aaron M. Heitke (@USBPChiefSDC) June 8, 2021

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Only the latest from the ongoing crisis on the border

Unaccompanied children remain a major problem on the US-Mexico border. Border guards have reported an increase in illegal immigrants crossing the border into the United States

The number of arrests at the border rose to 178,000 in April, a 21-year high.

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Since President Joe Biden took office, the situation on the southern border has deteriorated further. When Trump-era politics were pulled back, the border became all the more porous.

A Washington Post report said the Biden administration has tied the hands of Immigration and Customs Services (ICE) officials, rendering the agency essentially useless due to the new immigration policy.

That happens every day at the border @ VP.https: //

– Daily caller (@DailyCaller) June 8, 2021

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VP Harris travels to Guatemala

Vice President Kamala Harris made her first overseas trip as Vice President to Guatemala to investigate the “root causes” of illegal immigration from countries known as the “Northern Triangle” in Central America. These countries are Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Republicans and other critics of the Biden administration say the main culprit behind the border crisis is Joe Biden’s insistence on taking back every piece of Trump-era immigration policy, even one that appeared to be working.

Almost immediately after taking office, Biden finished building the border wall and ended the policy of “staying in Mexico”. Biden also encouraged Congress to pass laws that would create a route to citizenship for those who are illegally in the country.

Harris was received with little enthusiasm in Guatemala. Protesters with signs saying “Kamala Go Home” and even some with “Trump Won” were posted outside the presidential palace.

The Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei has blamed Joe Biden for the crisis. He also said that he and Vice President Harris are “not on the same side” on immigration.

Giammattei continued, “We have asked the United States government to send a clearer message to prevent more people from leaving the country.” He added that Biden’s message changed after he became president: “The message has also changed: ‘We’re going to reunite families, we’re going to reunite children.’ The very next day the coyotes were here organizing children’s groups to take them to the United States. “

While children are trafficked and kidnapped, women are raped, cartels make millions of dollars every day. The Vice President of the United States only laughs when asked when she is going to the border to address the crisis. That’s what people voted for.

– Drew Hernandez (@DrewHLive) June 8, 2021

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Children are still traveling alone

Last month, a horrific video came to light of a 5-year-old boy screaming not to be left alone while abandoned at the border.

In April, a 10-year-old boy was found traveling alone after the group he was with disappeared. In May, five children, ages seven, five, three, two and eleven months old, were found in extreme heat conditions along the Texas-Mexico border.

Kamala Harris wasn’t in Europe, she wasn’t in Australia, but we don’t have an Australian border crisis or a European border crisis.

We have a crisis on the southern border.

She should come to Texas and see the crisis firsthand. #BidenBorderCrisis

– Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) June 8, 2021

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