“Not since you wished one thing to go flawed”: Richter permits man to shoot 6-year-old $ 10,000 bond

The lawyer continued:

“To be clear: our office has recommended significantly more restrictive loan terms and we do not agree with the court’s loan decision. That is why we filed an urgent motion on Tuesday afternoon to dissolve the defendant’s guarantee and reconsider his guarantee.

We are committed to fighting for security and justice in our community, and we will do so in this case – and in all of our cases. Please take a moment to watch this video which explains our position and how we intend to move forward. “

The shootout followed an earlier altercation between the child, another 14-year-old child, and a 9-year-old, a Public Information Officer at the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office told USA TODAY. Although the sheriff’s office has not confirmed what specifically prompted Le-Nguyen to shoot a child, Arnold Daniel, the injured boy’s father, told Fox 2 Detroit he suspected it was a bicycle his boy had left behind in Le-Nguyen’s yard and tried to recover her.

“He tried to hit me with a sledgehammer but it won’t work because I’m too fast,” the kid told Fox 2 Detroit. He said the man identified as Le-Nguyen was given a gun and shot at him at the time. The sound of a gun can be heard on the surveillance video of the Ring incident, followed by footage of children running and the injured child screaming, “He shot me.”

The bullet pierced one of his arms before lashing out the other side, Fox 2 Detroit reported. When the proxies called to attend the shootings arrived, the child was transported to a local hospital, treated and discharged.

Daniel told the Detroit Fox daughter that he spent hours on the phone trying to get district officials to explain what happened. Le-Nguyen was initially charged on two gun possession charges, assault with intent to commit assault and assault with intent to commit murder, with a lesser sentence than attempted murder in Michigan, USA Today reported. Le-Nguyen was charged last Monday and later released. “And I’m trying to find out how he got such a low bond for trying to kill my child,” Daniel told Fox 2 Detroit on Tuesday. He added that his son wasn’t really processing what had happened at the time. “He doesn’t know how close he was to not being here, but I do,” said the father.

Warning: This video shows the shooting of a child and may be triggering for some viewers.

Given what was described as “numerous questions” about how the shooter might be arrested, the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office on Friday blamed prosecutors. “In Michigan, issuing a bond issue is a state attorney’s process and a judicial decision. Police authorities do not have the power to set bail, ”the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post. “In this particular case, Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office investigated, arrested the suspect and swore on the facts of the case in front of a judge. Our staff arrested the suspect and took him off the street because we believed he was responsible for the crimes committed and a threat to the community. “

The sheriff’s office added in the post:

“Then it is the public prosecutor who represents the people on behalf of their clients and the judge who makes the decision on the loan. Since yesterday the public prosecutor has filed an application to change the bond, the judge approved the change and WCSO staff took the suspect back into custody. “

Joe Simon, Le-Nguyen’s attorney, argued earlier Magistrate Elisha Fink, that While the allegations are serious, they don’t make sense because his client allegedly fired recklessly without aiming at a person in response to noises he heard on his property, according to M Live. Simon claimed the injured child was a stranger to Le-Nguyen. “With regard to the mortality of my client, he does not have a specific person with whom there is an open grudge or something similar, so I ask the court to establish the most appropriate bond possible,” said Simon in court.

Fink said a bond was necessary to underscore the gravity of the incident in which Le-Nguyen made the extremely poor choice of using a firearm, M Live reported. Fink said Le-Nguyen was not an escape risk, but posed a potential threat to the community, “not because you wanted something to go wrong, but because you chose dangerous behavior.”


Here is a video of Magistrate Elisha V. Fink giving alleged murder suspect Ryan Le-Nguyen a low bond so he can stay free after threatening and shooting a 6-year-old black child.

These people are at code with each other.

– Tariq Nasheed 🇺🇸 (@tariqnasheed) June 9, 2021

In response to criticism, Savit admitted that his office had failed to adequately explain the justification for the $ 100,000 bond he was demanding that more could have been done. “But we made the motions that we made and I think the gravity of the charges that we deemed appropriate reflected why we were looking for this bond, “the prosecutor said on Friday.

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