Citizenship for undocumented immigrants would increase the economic system and lift wages for everybody, the report exhibits

The passage of the Dream and Promise Act, which puts deferred measures for infants and holders of temporary protection on the path to citizenship, “would increase US GDP by a total of $ 799 billion and create 285,400 new jobs in 10 years” , according to researchers. “Five years after implementation, those eligible would earn $ 4,300 more annually. Ten years after implementation, those annual wages would be $ 16,800 higher, and all other American workers would have their annual wages increased by $ 400. “

Legislators and attorneys have also pushed for laws affecting undocumented key workers, including farm workers (both The Farm Workers Modernization Act and the Dreams and Promises Act were passed by Parliament in March.). Researchers said that a path to citizenship for Dream and Promise eligible immigrants and key immigrants “would add $ 1.5 trillion in cumulative GDP and create 400,800 new jobs in 10 years.

“Five years after implementation, eligible beneficiaries would earn an annual wage of $ 4,300 higher,” the researchers continued. “Ten years after implementation, those annual wages would be $ 13,500 higher, and all other American workers would have their annual wages increased by $ 600.

“It is important that this analysis only takes this direct economic benefit into account,” the researchers continued. “The model does not capture the potentially large additional benefits for the children of eligible immigrants in terms of education, health and future productivity gains, as these effects would likely occur more than 10 years after implementation.”

The reassurance that emerges when the families are threatened with deportation, especially after the years of attacks on the DACA program, is incalculable.


One route to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living and working in the United States would bring the country’s GDP to $ 1.7 trillion over 10 years and create nearly 440,000 jobs.

– American Progress (@amprog) June 14, 2021

“A route to citizenship for immigrants in the US would boost the economy and create thousands of jobs,” tweeted Texan MP Joaquin Castro, a Democrat in Congress who has urged the Biden administration to include key workers in its infrastructure plan prioritize. “Providing citizenship pathways for key workers is critical to better rebuilding our economy.” Legislators wrote to the Biden government in April. “The upcoming legislative package on jobs and infrastructure is the best opportunity to recognize and reward the sacrifices and work of key workers. “

Tuesday also marks the ninth anniversary of the DACA program, and undocumented youth and their allies are using the date to encourage democratic leaders to take action and adopt permanent aid to undocumented communities. Greisa Martinez Rosas, leader of United We Dream, said that “[w]If Republicans are given the opportunity to do the right thing, they have shown us that they will instead vote against the January 6 commission, providing emergency aid to millions in a deadly pandemic, depriving communities of unemployment benefits, suppressing the right to vote and attacking immigrants.

“The Democrats cannot allow the Republicans to prevent progress this year,” continued Martinez Rosas. “Democrats can and must lead through the reconciliation process alone. As we celebrate nine years of our power in winning and protecting DACA, we must remember that DACA is temporary and through a path to citizenship our communities need and deserve persistence. ”As the numbers have made it clear, it is undeniable that this benefits many communities.

“As the above results show, not only is it right to create a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, but it would also be a major incentive for the US economy,” said Nicole Prchal Svajlenka, deputy head of research at CAP Immigration Policy, in a Statement received from Daily Kos. “Undocumented immigrants are vital to the country’s social infrastructure – a fact even more understood amid the coronavirus pandemic – and a path to citizenship is a key component of an equitable, equitable and resilient recovery.”

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