Rudy Giuliani’s bar license suspended in New York

A New York court suspended the bar license of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who also served as the personal lawyer for former President Donald Trump.

The court claims that Giuliani, in his capacity as Trump’s attorney, made “demonstrably false and misleading” statements about the 2020 elections to courts, lawmakers and the public.

In its decision to suspend Giuliani’s license, the court wrote: “These false statements were made to inappropriately support respondent’s account that widespread election fraud stole his client’s victory in the 2020 presidential election in the United States.”

The court said Giuliani misrepresented the number of postal votes counted in Pennsylvania after Joe Biden won the state’s electoral vote.

The court also stated: “We conclude that the defendant’s behavior directly jeopardizes the public interest and warrants a temporary suspension of the legal practice pending further proceedings before the attorney’s complaints committee.”

The renewed run on @RudyGiuliani from the left seems to never end. What exactly was “demonstrably false” or “misleading” about the collection of affidavits and other evidence? This is still America. Of course, we can also ask questions about the outcome of the election. Rudy Giuliani

– Joe Pags Pagliarulo (@JoeTalkShow) June 24, 2021

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What Rudy’s Side Says

Giuliani’s attorneys, John Leventhal and Barry Kamins, said they were “disappointed” with the court’s decision: “Our client does not pose a threat to the public interest at this time. We believe that Mr. Giuliani, once the issues have been fully resolved at a hearing will be reinstated as a valued member of the legal profession which he has served so well in his many roles for so many years. ”

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Giuliani has denied any wrongdoing. In a statement to the New York Post, Giuliani compared the action to the Soviet Union and said: “It is a complete violation of my rights under the First Amendment and my rights as a lawyer, I am allowed to have a client.”

He went on: “President Trump can’t have a lawyer, of course that’s a partisan hit. I did nothing wrong. I did not say anything that a witness would not have told me. We will be like East Germany. “

Trump critics will stop at nothing to tarnish @RudyGiuliani for defending POTUS. Impeachment, bar, suspension; Imagine what they’re going to do to you and me?

– Rich Valdes 🇺🇸 (@RichValdes) June 24, 2021

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Legal issues for Rudy

Rudy Giuliani is faced with several legal steps.

He is the defendant in a $ 1.3 million lawsuit in which the Dominion electoral system has accused him of defamation.

Giuliani claimed following the 2020 presidential election that Dominion’s voting machines were programmed to convert Trump votes into Biden votes. Another voting machine company, Smartmatic, has also filed a lawsuit against Giuliani.

He is due to appear in court on Thursday in the Dominion case.

On April 28, federal agents raided Giuliani’s home and office as part of a separate investigation by the Manhattan federal prosecutor’s office into Giuliani’s activities in Ukraine

Federal authorities claim Giuliani broke lobbying laws by acting as an unregistered foreign agent while working in his capacity as Donald Trump’s attorney.

Corrected legal status details for Avenatti – he is on SUSPENSION in California due to a lawsuit initiated more than two years ago. Not excluded despite extensive criminal proceedings in NY and CA and after adversarial hearings. Compare how Rudy Giuliani is treated in NY.

– Harmeet K. Dhillon (@pnjaban) June 24, 2021

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Giuliani can now request a hearing after the suspension. He has 20 days for this.

President Trump also spoke out and named Giuliani the greatest mayor in the history of New York City.

He is America’s mayor. @RudyGiuliani is a hero.

The mob couldn’t stop him.

Al-Qaeda has failed.

Likewise the @NYSBA.

– Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) June 24, 2021

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