WATCH: Ben Carson means that well-being has harmed black People greater than slavery

Most of Donald Trump’s 2016 Republican nomination opponents fought him to the end. However, Ben Carson surrendered earlier than the others. And in return, the neurosurgeon got a plum post in Trump’s cabinet.

As Secretary of State for Housing and Urban Affairs, Carson seemed more interested in cutting costs than actually helping people. He has generally called for blacks to lift themselves out of poverty without government.

Carson continued this mindset during an appearance at this weekend’s CPAC conference. The former Trump employee noted: “When you look at what the black community has been through, go back to slavery. It was the family, the strong family units and the belief in God that got people through this, that got people through all of the troubles through Jim Crow, through racial segregation. “

The doctor concluded his comments, “But what really had a negative impact was when the government came and said, ‘So, you poor thing, I’ll take care of all of your needs.’ And started implementing policies that were destructive to starting a family. These are the things that have harmed the black communities the most. “

Carson has a long history of putting his foot in his mouth and this seems like just another example of this.

Check out a clip below with the comments, courtesy of Fox Nation:

Ben Carson suggests that black families were stronger during slavery

– David Edwards (@DavidEdwards) July 11, 2021

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