A flood of latest books exhibits how Donald Trump’s presidency broke

And nobody around him did anything about it, except to collect the stories they wanted to tell later. We have been ruled by a madman because his Conservative officials were all hand-selected for spinelessness and rank incompetence, and it is a wonder we have come out of this with only half a million US casualties from incompetence and only one failed attempt at insurrection by Trump Mounted supporters whose only plan was “to penetrate Congress to demand that they destroy the election results and something else”.

Well, so let’s go through these new book reviews to see what new horrors they’ve brought us. We’ve already learned that Donald is confused and utterly angry that the elected Supreme Court justices are unwilling to run the election on his behalf, with the usual Trump mumbling about “Where would?” [Justice Blackout Drunk] be without me? “because for the vicious narcissist Donald the reality is only that Donald Trump is doing people favors and people who are doing Donald Trump favors.

From the new book by a Wall Street Journal reporter, we learn that Donald Trump completely leaked when someone leaked that he was briefly hiding in the White House’s underground bunker when Black Lives Matter protesters demonstrated nearby. CNN provides us with the relevant cliff’s notes on this, in which Trump is “the most angry that some aides have ever seen” and roars that whoever leaked his less than an hour-long foray into the basement was guilty of treason and was “so executed become!”

He remained “obsessed” for days with finding the traitor who would soon be labeled normal in the decaying months of Trump’s decompensating narcissistic foam. The manliest man of MAGA masculinity was brought to safety during a protest? How is he ever going to take the shame or whatever.

It’s another book, this one from Washington Post reporters, that gives us new tidbits about how Trump reacted to election night itself. Here’s your hot news tip: It broke it. Completely. While Trump had, of course, turned the White House into an election night party house because of a false tradition, Trump himself quickly lost connection with our earthly plane when the voices began to turn against him and he began to believe, apparently in all seriousness, that states are losing that he did not want to lose could only mean that his enemies were rigging the elections against him. It broke. He had a narcissistic breakdown and just decided that there was no way America could legitimately vote him out – so it didn’t happen. (Qusay Trump also “freaked out” at the White House, similarly claiming the election was “stolen,” but it is believed that he just had a fit of anger to get Papa’s strange attention.)

There were roughly 400 partygoers at the time, a full White House staff, and a full contingent of intelligence agents, but once again none of those groups were willing to do America the patriotic favor of stuffing the delusional gossip Trump into a sack and resigning suggested that Vice President Mike Pence would take over the reins for a while for reasons.

Instead, Rudy Giuliani goaded Trump, telling him to “just say we won the states” he wanted to win and condemn the actual number of votes. Trump went on television to do just that and launched a nationwide Republican initiative to cancel presidential elections in those particular states. It didn’t work, which is why Trump now hates Brett Kavanaugh with a fiery passion, but it still killed people and continues today with a slew of new Republican laws designed to prevent so many working class workers from voting in future elections.

You may have heard of the “The Great Man Theory” story? Forget it. It’s a bunk. The story is far more often twisted by completely angry idiots rushing into delusional, sulfur-scented underworlds while their allies all nod their heads and explain to the public that this important man is not eating his own underwear in the middle of a public square. he’s making some very good arguments, and now the laws of the nation need to be quickly rewritten so that panties are now baguettes and anyone who says otherwise is a communist. Donald Trump had a delusional meltdown over the election results and it changed our nation’s history because his party would rather support the delusions of a broken man than lose power.

You think i’m wrong Republicans are now actively promoting preventable diseases because Trump’s pandemic incompetence has forced the party to defend the incompetence as a brilliant strategic move. These people are betting on the use of underwear in public and intend to make it a new national religion.

Let’s see what else? Oh, Trump also planned to break the U.S. alliances with NATO and South Korea after the elections, which his nose-picking party would have gone along with if Trump could have stayed in power. Just like another one next to the mail book. You know, because Trump has always been incapable of working with supposed equals, the only way he can deal with relationships is either polishing someone’s boots or getting his own boots polished. NATO leaders failed to adequately bribe HRH Burgerguy or attempted to bribe her and that drove him insane.

So there you go, there’s some of the most interesting news on how America would have come extremely close to total collapse had the elections been a little closer than it turned out. It could still collapse because the unhappily retired Dear Leader figure still has the weight of the entire Republican Party behind him, but there’s an equally good chance that even U.S. intelligence can’t keep Trump from getting his hands in plug in a toaster or jump into the Gulf of Mexico in search of choice-stealing dolphins. Everyone’s guess. We only hear about it when someone has a new book to sell.

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