Former Obama HHS boss desires unvaccinated Individuals to be denied work

Kathleen Sebelius, the former health and welfare secretary during the Obama administration, said Tuesday that unvaccinated Americans shouldn’t work or have access to children.

Sebelius made her remarks during an interview on CNN’s OutFront.

Sebelius: Unvaccinated Americans should not be allowed to work, have access to children

– Eric Baker (@ ericbaker2) July 14, 2021

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Sebelius: “If you don’t get vaccinated, you may not come to work”

Sebelius said, “We are in a situation where we have an extremely effective vaccine, multiple options, many available for free, and we have people just saying I won’t.”

“I think it’s time to tell these people that if you don’t get vaccinated, it’s okay not to come to work. You may not have access to a situation where you are putting my grandchildren in danger, ”she added.

“Where you might kill them or put them in a situation where they transmit the virus to someone in a high-risk position,” warned Sebelius.

But Barack Obama’s former HHS boss wasn’t done yet.

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“That’s where we stand, I think, freedom is one thing, but freedom when you harm others, like secondhand smoke and issues that we have clearly dealt with in the past, you cannot drive drunk “, Said Sebelius.

“You can drink, but you cannot drive drunk because you can hurt other people,” she continued. “You are not allowed to smoke in a public place where you can give cancer to someone else even though they have never smoked.”

Doctor told CNN: “This is primarily an unvaccinated pandemic” @EricaRHill reports

– The Lead CNN (@TheLeadCNN) July 13, 2021

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Sebelius: “I want you maybe to have a restriction on where you can go”

She then reiterated the need to place restrictions on unvaccinated Americans.

“I think we’ve reached a point in the United States where we, who are vaccinated, want to take my mask off,” she said.

“I want to live my life with vaccinations, and right now I’m being pressured by people who say I don’t want to be vaccinated. It’s okay, ”said Sebelius.

She concluded, “I want you maybe to have a restriction on where to go and who to potentially infect.”

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