Information abstract: Republicans stay hostile to infrastructure as Tennessee GOP sabotages vaccine consciousness

Meanwhile, Texas-based Greg Abbott is threatening to arrest the Democratic MPs. All in all, an average American Tuesday.

On the News Today: As the child tax credits demanded by the Democrats arrive in American bank accounts, Republicans are now focused on halting the next Democratic priority: infrastructure spending. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has a fit after the state Democrats sabotaged another attempt by Republicans to restrict electoral access. In Tennessee, Republicans were so outraged by a state memo that rightly stated that teenagers in the state can be vaccinated without consulting their parents that they removed the health officer who wrote it and forced the state health department to end all other child vaccination efforts.

Choose your side, America: a party wants to invest in the infrastructure of the new century and is now providing monthly cash payments to parents. The other side is demanding that the government withhold information on how not to infect children during a deadly pandemic.

Here are some of what you might have missed:

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