Republicans are getting again to their bread-and-butter points with a view to 2022: racism and xenophobia

At a CPAC event last weekend, Donald Trump paid lip service to the “caravans” (which are out of the question right now and he’s more inspired by his 2020 loss anyway). GOP Texas Governor Greg Abbott promises to build a border wall (which will never be built) rather than repairing the state’s power grid to avoid more preventable deaths on his guard. In short, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a throwaway line at an otherwise noisy rally, a Texas-sized political scam, or a hearing room on Capitol Hill, Republicans strive to quell white American fears in every possible way to stir up.

“We can have a debate about anything in Ways and Means that has to do with taxes, and they will bring the border and immigration and child invasion,” said Lloyd Doggett, Democratic MP, of Texas, a veteran member of the House Ways and Means Committee, The Hill said. “It’s all about fear and hate.”

Forget about infrastructure or other solution-oriented guidelines, Doggett said: “They want to keep talking about racial issues and scare people to the polls while preventing our voters from going to the polls.”

The use of racism in the elections has been a staple of the GOP for decades, but in 2016 Trump rode an unmistakably racist campaign platform straight into office – barely. Republicans forget that last part. They also forget that Trump’s fictional caravan crisis backfired spectacularly in 2018 and failed to do the trick for him in 2020 either.

But hey, if you’re a party that doesn’t have fresh ideas – let alone good ones – just come back.

Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the House Minority, is actually quite excited about the advent of the GOP’s newest racially charged invention: Critical Race Theory (CRT). After CRT by Dr. Seuss, Mr. Potato Head, and Cancel Culture, CRT is finally causing so much turmoil among conservative activists that they show up at school meetings to talk about something not even taught at the K-12 level. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about schools in Florida, Kentucky, or Virginia, CRT is actually not part of the curriculum.

But McCarthy sees nothing but gold in the ignorant hysterics shown at a few local board meetings. Here he is working his way into a foam this week during an appearance on BlazeTV’s The Rubin Report.

“The next election will be big because all of these things are about defusing the police. With all these democratic policies now in place, we see the result: wokeism, the open border, inflation. Where will we get the greatest victory? School authorities, ”McCarthy exclaimed.

“Critical race theory contradicts everything Martin Luther King ever told us – don’t judge us by the color of our skin – and now you accept it, right? You’re going backwards, ”added McCarthy.

If there’s one thing McCarthy is an expert on, it’s going backwards.

And just to clarify McCarthy’s “defund the police” claim – it was the Democrats who voted to fund the police and other local first responders in their $ 1.9 trillion pandemic relief package. Every single Republican in Congress voted against the bill, which meant they voted against this funding.

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa of California gave The Hill a clear insight into the Republicans’ strategy for 2022.

“In bad economic times, it’s the economy. In good economic times, the issues are different, ”said Issa. For Republicans, “other issues” always means race and racial scare tactics.

But if Republicans want to be the supposed party of law and order, they can start seriously with the January 6th investigation – an unprecedented attack on the homeland that is one of the greatest threats to the US government since the Civil War depicted.

Yet the Republicans who killed a bipartisan investigation into this domestic attack are dying to talk about everything else. Why? Because it shows that white Americans and Trump supporters in particular pose a far greater threat to the republic than any increase in violent crime or migrant crossings at the border.

Republicans must not credibly carry the banner of law and order into the 2022 midterm elections if they continue to wantonly sweep the siege of the Capitol and its mostly white, Trump-supporting perpetrators under the carpet.

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