Victory attracts nearer as all 50 Senate Democrats help voting rights safety

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) said all 50 Senate Democrats support the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and key provisions of the For The People Act.


Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) says all 50 Senate Democrats support the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and a robust package of For The People regulations to protect voting rights.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 15, 2021

Senator Kaine said on MSNBC:

The job description is struggling for Virginia and Development and Education. After January 6th this oath is my job description. And we have to Keep this oath, protect People’s right to vote. So you are right. We all have 50 Democrats on board with the very robust set of Protective measures that include Elements of the John Lewis Act and who act for the people. We don’t have a single Republicans with us. That’s no surprise. You will not participate us. So I talk to all of mine Colleagues, and I know Reverend and others also say we have it must do this. 2,000 senators in our history were in this chamber. Only 100 were here when it was there was an attempt to attack it stop the peaceful transmission of Power. The weight of history rests on us Shoulders to try to defend this Democracy and the right to vote is critical to this.

Joe Manchin is not for it get rid of the filibuster. There are all kinds of Filibuster reforms that can be got the Senate ready to make in the past and we should be ready to make them now. Nothing in our oath speaks of it the filibuster. Our oath speaks of the defend the constitution. We have an attack on it cancel the peaceful transfer Power and we have to respond.

The reason the delay in voting is so frustrating for many is because the raid is not about reaching an agreement on the directive.

Politics is a done deal. Everyone on the democratic side wants to protect the right to vote. The hangup is how the regulations are passed.

It is a procedural argument that is likely to make Americans who only want to protect voting rights want to knock their heads off the table.

The good news is that there is a way to win, and it’s not about getting Republican votes. At some point, the Senate Democrats will have to sit down and decide how to protect voting rights.

Filibuster carve-out is possible, but reconciliation remains the better choice.

Democrats want to protect the right to vote and there is no good reason why it shouldn’t be done.

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