Trump Enviornment Tour with Invoice O’Reilly Bombs as 1000’s of tickets stay

The failed former president is struggling to sell tickets for his arena tour with disgraced old white Bill O’Reilly.

Politico reported:

Donald Trump is struggling to sell presale tickets for his upcoming lecture tour with Conservative expert Bill O’Reilly, according to interviews with ticket officers for the venues.


As of Thursday evening, the Ticketmaster pages for the Orlando, Dallas and Sunrise events and the Axs page for the Houston event have shown large portions of the available seats, with few tickets sold in some large areas.

In Houston, 60-65% of the remaining tickets remain unsold. It seems Trump and O’Reilly are far from selling out the venues in two of the largest Republican states that Trump has won twice.

Tickets for Trump are unlikely to sell in the future

As someone who used to work in event promotion, I can tell you that Trump Arena tour tickets are unlikely to be selling. Events with authors and speakers achieve their highest turnover with the promotion push immediately after the appointment is announced. If sales aren’t strong in the beginning, they won’t increase as the event approaches.

Trump is now competing with the hottest music acts and comedians for the consumer entertainment dollar. Without the platform of the presidency and the endless promotion it produced, Trump is just another oldies act trying to squeeze money out of what’s left of his fame.

There is a tremendous amount of catching up to do in live entertainment after the pandemic, but when given the choice of watching their favorite band or comedian, or telling Donald Trump the same stories and spreading the same complaints he talked about in years, most will People prefer fresh entertainment to stale Trump repeat.

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