Biden’s approval ranking is near 60% as any Republican assault flops

A new poll released on Sunday shows that Republican attacks on President Biden have failed with his approval rating at 58%.

According to the latest CBS news poll:

Biden does pretty well in this poll.

– Tyler Daniels (@ TylerFe5082) July 18, 2021

They believe the fight against the pandemic is going reasonably well, although this is now being mitigated by concerns about the Delta variant.

– CBS News Poll (@CBSNewsPoll) July 18, 2021

President Biden’s infrastructure proposals have an approval rating of 59%, and with a range of 51% to 31%, respondents believe the expanded child tax credit will help them.

The Republican attacks on Biden and his agenda have all failed

The vast majority of Americans just don’t believe in the Republicans’ attacks on the president.

Republicans have tried to label Joe Biden as a Marxist, socialist, and agent of the far left and nothing has got stuck. They refused to vote for his proposals and tried to claim that he was damaging the economy and all of their broadsides have missed it.

Joe Biden is popular for leading the nation out of a pandemic and rebuilding the economy while giving most Americans things they wanted, but Republicans have always told them they could never have it.

Right-wing media outlets have worked to bring Biden down, but polling suggests that her message has fallen on deaf ears outside of her supporters.

Only Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan have had higher approval ratings after their first half of the year.

Joe Biden is building a special presidency, and so far the Republicans have not been able to belittle his popularity with the American people.

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