Former Fox Information politics editor says Republicans will lose once more in the event that they stick with the 2020 delusions

Former Fox News Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt said that if Republicans stick to their delusions about the 2020 election, they will lose again.


Former Fox News Politics editor Chris Stirewalt told @Acosta that if they fail to break their 2020 election craze, Republicans will lose again.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 17, 2021

Chris Stirewalt told CNN’s Jim Acosta:

But the truth is that it is a dangerous deception for Republican. They suck on hers Base to try and give them the Things they want. So they’re in Texas right now have a law that wouldn’t do anything. The turnout has no partisans Opinion. Elections with high voter turnout can be favorit Republicans and Democrats. Republicans are working on it Legislation, conduct of these tests, do these other things. Why? Because they want to suck up their base and people in theirs Base who think the choice was stolen. That doesn’t help the Republicans with the voters who need them.

Tie of the Pew Research Center current, comprehensive work on what happened in 2020 Choice, how did the Republicans lose the choice? They were crushed in the suburbs. Joe Biden’s numbers in the Suburbs rose 11 points via Hillary Clinton. It was a big defeat. How does a party that is? fight with hug Vaccinations. How does a party that is? Have trouble speaking to him talk about these very voters this stuff is poisonous. That’s a poison and it reinforces the way Republican Party has lost the Senate was there – this one Gimmicks, this stupidity in Georgia. Two Senate seats. You lost her. You deserve to lose it. If they can’t get over that and survive, you will lose again.

Trump leads Republicans on the path of failure

By calming Donald Trump’s ego with the big lie, Republicans are preparing for future defeats in 2022 and 2024. The Republican Party is not working to win back the voters it lost in 2020.

You spend every day reminding those voters why they did the right thing when they voted for Joe Biden.

The Republican Party is preparing for a massive failure as it is still trying to win in 2020 while the Democrats are focused on winning in 2022 and 2024.

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