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Religion or spirituality, whether defined as a model or philosophy of life or something that one feels but cannot name, is something that everyone shares. As stated in their mission statement, the street prophets “have a broad view of religion and seek to include many voices that are often excluded from religious forums. Over the years our authors have spoken to Gentiles, Christians (Protestant and Catholic), Jews, Muslims, Atheists, agnostics and many others. ” It is, was and will be an inviting corner of Daily Kos, a place to find peace and to come refreshed.

MichelewlnA part of Street Prophets from almost the beginning, calls it “an oasis in a world of anger” and “a respite for those troubled days”. Based on belief and politics – since every belief calls believers to make the world a better place and politics is the mechanism to achieve this – the Street Prophets Group is turning philosophy into action. Every day the group posts an open thread Coffee hour around 1 p.m. PST; It’s a place to chat with a topic to get things started. “The Coffee hour Hosts have different interests, “Ojibwa said,” and their contributions reflect that: recipes, art, theater, religious studies, museums. Perhaps most important are efforts to help others Humpday Help coffee hour … Street Prophets is about community and that means we try to help one another. “

From the beginning of Little Blue to the present day, regardless of belief, the Street Prophets Group welcomes everyone to share and help. Or just chat – that works too.


This week’s round-up shows that racism and its reckoning are very high in our collective consciousness, as four of our 10 rescues this week deal with whitewashed history and ongoing attempts to suppress minority participation in democracy; three others investigate right-wing extremism, both in government and on the streets. The question of how white Americans can help build a more just, just, inclusive and fairer country for all is also currently being debated in the Daily Kos Community.


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Will Fox News direct viewers to ignore warnings and government aid if heat deaths top COVID-19 deaths? by MotherMags (2005-675-65)

What would good government do if its citizens died of a known cause? “Help them” comes to mind. What will Republicans do when the temperature hits triple digits? Arizona is a matter of life and death, but we can imagine what the GOP will say.

On the table: Century: Golem Edition by Ulanopo (2004-45-20)

Ulanopo begins using a weekly series of game reviews Century: Golem Edition. This tabletop game is Euro-themed, “a style of play that tends to have less conflict (and less overall interaction), a lack of player elimination, less randomness, and a focus on trading, negotiation and engine building” – all skills We can really use these days.

Do the white Senate Democrats understand that? by Stevescoop (2020-40-1)

“I’ve never had to wait in a long line to vote, especially not for hours. Nobody has ever offered me food or water, probably because my waiting times were short. I’ve never cast a vote on Sunday because I’m not black, “writes Stevescoop.” I’ve never been challenged on my voter card either. I don’t even remember ‘poll watchers’ looking my direction or pointing their cameras as I was doing my democratic and patriotic duty to participate in our form of government. “If white senators, or white people in general, had to overcome the obstacles that If minority voters were put in the way, would they get it? Would they understand the urgency of voting?

Air-Minded: shirt sleeves … in space! by pwoodford (2012-405-73)

Examining the pressure requirements that enable Richard Branson and his companions to fly into space in shirt sleeves instead of pressure suits, Pwoodford wonders why commercial aircraft can’t fly at much lower altitudes without passengers routinely popping their ears.

The Capitol Rebellion and Critical Racial Theory or America’s Refusal to Fight Its Own Demons by Kravox (2019-1-1)

What happened on January 6th was not an attack from outside, but from within. First author Kravox explains how this attack was “the story of us” and how we as a country have done many not-so-nice things and spent much of our time glossing over and justifying our actions. Now is the time to stop.

A farmer, a steel tycoon and a coal tycoon walk into a bar … and a new securities fraud is born by ErinMcClelland (2021-1-1)

First author Erin McClelland exposes the gamblers in a dizzyingly brazen financial scam in the Weekly Recommended Bailout. The collapse of Greensill Financial is “a realistic representation of a new Wall Street security system after 2008. The depth and breadth of its damage has yet to be determined.”

Modern ‘commie’ hunting by MDGluon16 (2016-25-3)

Today’s “commie” fear that panics all right-wing rights is critical racial theory, and the Idaho Lieutenant Governor organized a group of “hunters” to sniff out any suggestion or evidence of it in the education system. MDGluon16 asks what they want to ban, how far they will go and whether they are conspiracy theorists or just political posers; They also claim that education is too important to be censored.

Hunt without lead by sandc954 (2014-8-1)

Sandyc954’s First Rescue is a celebration of bald eagles and other wildlife and an investigation into the risks they face from secondary poisoning, whether from rodenticide or lead pellets, and other poisons moving up the food chain. Responsible hunters “want to eat the foods they hunt and have a great respect for wildlife, continuing their love of natural beauty and poison-free game in abundance”.

Lamentations of a technological troglodyte by babushka (2021-1-1)

First author Babuschka remembers the pleasure of slamming a telephone receiver as “deeply more satisfying” than anything Steve Jobs could ever offer. It tracks the development of business communication and the development of user pleasure up to the two-inch screen.

What I learned in the American History course – also known as Whitewashing 101 by Kenwards (2008-25-7)

After talking about racism and American history, Kenwards presents himself as “Exhibit A”: a model for learning an adjusted version of American history as taught in public schools “mainly because it gives me the opportunity to be with myself to brag, but also to show what a bad job we have done historically in teaching history. ” The bragging rights are on the subdued side while showing the bad work the U.S. does in teaching history – and how this has produced people who sincerely believe in the whitewashed version of history in public schools.

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