6. Texas Democrat exams optimistic for COVID together with white officer and Pelosi workers after maskless flight to keep away from work

A sixth Texas Democrat tested positive for COVID after a group of 50+ lawmakers flown a maskless flight out of the state to avoid voting in the state legislature on Republican electoral integrity laws.

The Dallas Morning News reported that the sixth positive result was confirmed on Monday.

A White House official and a staff member for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also tested positive. The Pelosi employee gave the Texas Democrats a tour of the Capitol building last week and then attended the same party as the White House official.

The news comes after The Political Insider reported on the other five lawmakers who caught COVID-19 over the weekend.

They fled on two flights chartered by the Democratic caucus of the Texas House at a cost of $ 100,000 in an attempt to break the quorum with their Republican counterparts.

The Texas Democrats are known to take selfies aboard the plane that showed they were not wearing masks despite federal guidelines that they should be worn on all “airliners”.

The number of Texas House Democrats who tested positive for COVID-19 is now six. Officials said all members who went to DC were fully vaccinated, which led to these landmark cases. @CBSNews

– KHOU 11 News Houston (HOKHOU) July 20, 2021

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Another Democrat in Texas tests positive

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The PR stunt was a disaster for the Texas Democrats after over 10% of their crew now tested positive for COVID.

The Dallas Morning News, however, makes it decent to put it into words.

“The outliers spent Monday devising strategies to push Congress for a new way of protecting voting rights without being able to personally lobby,” they write.

In essence, they have been reduced to the same effectiveness that they would have had if they had just stayed home instead of trying to undermine democracy by leaving Texas.

Just confirmed that there is now a sixth confirmed COVID-19 case among the Texas House Democrats now in Washington, DC. This morning I had more about how the legislature had to adjust its plans there:

– Christian Flores (@CFloresNews) July 20, 2021

Still, State Representative Rhetta Bowers (Dallas) observed the circus-like exertion with pink glasses.

“This is definitely not going to stop our work,” she said. “We just have to be a lot more careful.”

I wish I were a Texas Democratic legislature so I could take that stupid mask off! Unfortunately, some of us have to obey the rules and some of us don’t believe the rules apply to them. Privileged hypocrites !!

– Ronny Jackson (@RonnyJacksonTX) July 19, 2021

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Grateful that they were vaccinated

Perhaps the best quote from the Dallas Morning News report is from Rafael Anchia (Dallas), Texas State representative, who suggested that things could have gotten worse.

“We followed all CDC guidelines,” said Anchia. “We are grateful that we were 100% vaccinated in advance … This Delta variant is no joke.”

“If these were Republican lawmakers skipping town on the taxpayer, not wearing masks on the plane, meeting the vice president, getting COVID, that would be all on the news.” @GOPhairwoman on Texas Democrats’ efforts to block the Republican vote Law.

– Newsmax (@newsmax) July 20, 2021

The Austin American-Statesman reported late Sunday night that the Texas Democrats “stay in the same hotel and meet regularly as caucus and frequently go to the Capitol to meet with federal leaders.”

How many people are quarantined after meeting people who have tested positive? Are these people even going to follow the guidelines they support?

The situation has become such a debacle that a spokesperson for group NBC News announced that they would no longer inform the public about their medical situation.

“We are focused on our daily testing, following and going as far as possible beyond CDC guidelines, social distancing and wearing masks,” the spokesman said. “We’re just not going to publish daily counts.”

Texas Democrats defied the federal mask mandate before five tested positive for COVID | Only the messages

– John Solomon (@jsolomonReports) July 20, 2021

In light of the latest news, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy reiterated: “When you are on an airplane, train, bus, or subway, the guidelines state that you should wear masks to protect yourself and others.”

The Dallas News reports that Murthy believes the Texas Democrats “probably should have worn masks on their flight.”

Even people who received a full vaccination can still get the disease, but the risk of developing a severe COVID case is significantly reduced.

A statement by the caucus indicates that all Democrats who tested positive felt “good, with no or only mild symptoms”.

According to NBC, the cost of keeping Democratic lawmakers out of Texas long enough to “permanently” avoid tackling Republican voting laws for the 30-day special session is about $ 1.5 million.

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