Information Roundup: Being a Wealthy Republican is Gravy; Biden needs the trail to citizenship; COVID-19 is dangerous

It still pays to be super rich no matter how much criminal you are.

On the News Today: Senate Republicans really, really don’t believe that someone who can afford to pay attorneys and accountants to avoid taxes won’t have to pay taxes, and people who can’t afford them to pay, have a harder and harder time affording a home. Being a fat cat can save you from justice even if you are one of Trump’s biggest corrupt crooks. Senator Ted Cruz remains a racist asshole. President Biden wants immigration reform to be implemented in the major infrastructure package, but has yet to deal with the courts threatening Dreamers. Trans-Americans fight for their rights in supposedly freedom-loving Montana. The unvaccinated pandemic triggers the fourth wave of the COVID-19 crisis.

Here are some of what you might have missed:

Rent is unattainable for minimum wage workers in every federal state. New study shows how far out of reach

It’s official: Republicans prioritize fat tax evaders over everyone else

Biden calls for permanent relief, including through reconciliation, after the judge ruled against the DACA

Trans people are complaining of basic privacy and dignity after the state changes the birth certificate law

Ted Cruz tried to hold undocumented immigrants responsible for COVID-19 cases. Guess what happened next

Garland’s Justice Department finds that Wilbur Ross lied to Congress … but is not being prosecuted

A New Deadly Spike: COVID-19 Infections Rise To Crisis Levels In Regions With Low Vaccination

Community Spotlight:

Bringing the Texas suffrage battle to the door (with TX Dem Leg staff!)

Also in trend from the community:

Congressman: “Donald Trump is a very stupid man. He couldn’t have done it alone. “EXACTLY!

Branson, MO lost a longtime entertainer to Covid. There are other actors in the hospital.

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