WATCH: Anderson Cooper breaks GOP management by calling on Jim Jordan to riot within the 1/6 panel

Shortly after the January 6th Uprising in the Capitol, Republicans said the right things about investigating the incident. But in the months that followed, the GOP leadership has shown that their only goal is to protect Donald Trump at all costs.

When Kevin McCarthy came up with a list of Republicans to be on a 1/6 panel, he added some interesting names. 3 of the 5 MPs nominated by him voted against the confirmation of the election. And unsurprisingly, he added top Trump sycophant Jim Jordan to his list. Anderson Cooper dragged that decision on his Monday show.

The CNN host began: “House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy named his favorites for that select committee in January 6. Attack on the Capitol. No surprise some of his choices wanted the same result from outcome other means than the rioters did. They wanted to overturn the choice Results. In fact, they voted for it. One even bragged about it. “

Cooper then played a clip of Jordan saying, “I. I don’t know how you can ever convince me that because of all the things you are seeing, President Trump didn’t win this thing.

Anderson Cooper criticizes GOP for causing Jim Jordan to riot on the 1/6 panel.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) July 20, 2021

Correspondent Ryan Nobles weighed in, “There is pretty compelling evidence that says just that, Anderson. And that’s part of the job of this select committee to connect those dots to find out what went wrong here on January 6th and then come up with solutions to prevent it from happening in the future. Because of this, there was great concern about the choices Kevin McCarthy would make on this body. “

Appointing Jordan to the panel was a top trolling job for McCarthy. It remains to be seen whether spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi will veto.

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