WATCH: Jim Jordan Says Democrats are chargeable for the rebellion for “normalizing” anarchy

On the day Donald Trump took office, Americans took to the streets to protest. Over the next 4 years there were many more protests against Trump’s actions and police brutality.

The vast majority of these protests were peaceful. Some of them showed fighting or looting, but there was nothing like the January 6th Trump supporters uprising.

Republicans tried, of course, to say that the uprising included members of the Black Lives Matter movement or Antifa. But there was absolutely no evidence of that. That didn’t stop Jim Jordan from rehashing the lie, however, in an attempt to explain what happened in January.

Jordan answered questions after Nancy Pelosi vetoed him on the 1/6 congressional committee. The Ohio congressman was asked why the uprising actually took place. He told reporters:

“My answer is because all of last year has happened. The Democrats normalized anarchy. They normalized riots and looting and attacks by rioters and looters on law enforcement personnel. When rioters and looters destroyed small businesses, what did the Democrats do? They went out collecting money to get her out of prison, and they went on talking about getting the police off their feet. “

Jim Jordan says January 6th happened because “the Democrats normalized anarchy”.

– Andrew Solender (@AndrewSolender) July 21, 2021

Jordan was clearly put on the podium by Kevin McCarthy to disrupt the process and be a troll in general. And today he proved that Pelosi made the right decision to remove him.

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