Evergreen: Marco Rubio is horrible

“Marco Rubio just said that a citizenship law that gives immigrants a route to citizenship is ‘one of the worst things’ we could do,” tweeted Florida attorney Thomas Kennedy. In fact, Marco goes through a mishmash of word salad and unfounded excuses to explain why he won’t do his job. “@marcorubio puts DACA recipients, TPS holders and key workers at risk of deportation, ”continues Kennedy. “Rubio is a bad person and has to be voted out of office.”

Rubio told CNN that the path of reconciliation the Democrats are seeking is “a terrible way of doing business.” Remember, the path of reconciliation that is now on the table is only on the table because the Republicans in the Senate refused to engage in good faith with the Democrats. There is now no time to waste following a federal judge’s verdict against the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program following a Republican lawsuit. So maybe you blame yourself, buddy.


Marco Rubio just said that a citizenship law that gives immigrants a route to citizenship is “one of the worst things” we could do. @marcorubio leaves DACA recipients, TPS holders and key workers threatened with deportation. Rubio is a bad person and needs to be voted out of office.

– Thomas Kennedy (@tomasken) July 22, 2021

Rubio also writes in a National Review (I won’t be linking to this site, but you can read part of the text from Marco’s Senate page here) in which he mentions legalization for DACA recipients, holders of Temporary Protection Status (TPS). and farm workers “Backdoor amnesty ”that the Democrats are trying to sneak into the reconciliation budget package. I’m pretty sure no one is sneaking anything? I mean, can it really be insidious when both President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris have been very public in advocating the reconciliation process? And when is this trial a legitimate Senate trial?

But wait, there is more from Marco. “Democrats are trying to reshape our nation by and large,” he continues in this comment, getting dangerously close to the nonsense of white supremacy of “substitute theory”. And what I just said is one of those things that would cause Marco to start one of his typical outraged speeches, without ignoring, of course, his support for a former president who notoriously yelled at this very white crowd, “You are not going to us substitute”. “Some” very fine people “.


Here’s @marcorubio running away like a coward after being driven to his car to avoid DACA recipients, TPS holders, and key immigrants who wanted to speak to him on his fundraiser for a $ 5,000 ticket because he refuses to assist you with a path to citizenship.

– Thomas Kennedy (@tomasken) July 23, 2021

Kennedy and other immigrant rights advocates gathered Friday before a $ 5,000-a-plate fundraiser for Rubio.calling on him because he refuses to support immigrants asking for a route to citizenship. “ But Kennedy tweeted that “[b]Because they are not wealthy donors, Rubio refused to speak to these people. ”In a video on Friday, Kennedy says Rubio was evicted quickly to avoid speaking to immigrants who have long needed him to trade.

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