How Kevin McCarthy tried to sabotage the January sixth investigation into the Home of Representatives

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy’s month-long campaign to undermine the committee that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) serve to investigate the 6th uprising.

Instead he is said at a news conference that House Republicans will conduct their own investigation into an attempt to reject last November’s election results, which most of them backed and which were instigated by their party’s leader.

“We will conduct our own investigation,” McCarthy said, later adding that “no committee will work in Congress if one person selects all who can serve.”

Kevin McCarthy says Republicans will conduct their own investigation into the insurgency instigated by their party’s leader

– Aaron Rupar (atrupar) July 21, 2021

McCarthy’s press conference came hours after Pelosi rejected the nomination of two of McCarthy’s five proposed Republicans to the committee: Reps Jim Jordan and Jim Banks, both of whom voted against confirming the results of two states leading to President Joe’s victory in January Biden over Donald Trump contributed. Rather than nominating more suitable Republicans to the committee, McCarthy decided to blow the whole thing up.

And while McCarthy accused Pelosi of “playing politics” by disapproving of Jordan and Banks, the irony is that his party has an interest in maintaining a fog of confusion around one riot that’s a big topic at halftime the next Year and the 2024 will be presidential election.

McCarthy turned down a bipartisan committee and now claims he wants a bipartisan committee

In May, top Democrats and Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee – MPs Bernie Thompson (MS) and John Katko (NY), respectively – forged a deal for a committee to meet on Jan. the features McCarthy now wants: an equal representation of Democrats and Republicans and a right of Republicans to veto subpoenas.

But McCarthy torpedoed this deal because the scope of the committee’s work would not include an investigation into “interconnected political violence” allegedly perpetrated by left-wing groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

“Given the short-sighted scope of the speaker examining unrelated forms of political violence in America, I cannot support this legislation,” concluded a statement from his office on a subject that McCarthy also raised on Wednesday.

Kevin McCarthy says he opposes a bipartisan commission of investigation on Jan. 6 – which is what he wants now – because Pelosi would not authorize it to investigate “what led to the uprising” (in other words, it in to transform a forum) beat antifa)

– Aaron Rupar (atrupar) July 21, 2021

Despite McCarthy’s opposition to the Thompson-Katko deal, the Independent Commission bill passed the House of Representatives with 35 Republicans, but was blocked by the Republicans in the Senate in their first Biden-era filibuster. Pelosi responded by setting up a commission of eight Democratic and five Republican, with Pelosi having a veto right over the members appointed by McCarthy. One of the Pelosi nominated is Republican MP Liz Cheney (WY).

McCarthy’s move to appoint Jordan and Banks to the commission, meanwhile, showed how disinterested he is in an independent January 6 investigation. Not only did Jordan and Banks vote against certifying part of Trump’s loss, but two months ago Banks could not say that Biden’s victory was “legitimate” (although Trump’s own officials repeatedly stated that there was no evidence of widespread fraud ) and defended his vote against the acceptance of the election result.

CHRIS WALLACE: Is Joe Biden the Legitimate POTUS?

JIM BANKS: Yes, Joe Biden was elected. He was initiated.

WALLACE: Are you still wondering if Biden won the election fair and fair?

BANKEN: I stand by my vote to contradict the election results on January 6th.

– Aaron Rupar (atrupar) May 9, 2021

Jordan, meanwhile, actually witnessed the events until January 6th. He was part of a group of House Republicans who publicly worked with Trump’s White House last December to find ways to overturn the January 6 election results.

McCarthy is as guilty as anyone for sowing doubts about the choice

Aside from McCarthy trying to protect Trump and his party from an investigation that is likely to lead to a damaging report to be released shortly before next year’s midterm elections, McCarthy has reasons in his own interest to seek a committee on January 6 to bring to your knees. He’s just as guilty as anyone for spreading lies about the 2020 election that convinced Trump supporters the presidency was stolen and motivated them to storm the Capitol.

For example, just days after the election, McCarthy went on Fox News and announced, “President Trump won this election, so don’t be silent for everyone who is listening. We can’t let this happen in front of our eyes … band together and let’s stop this. “

. @ GOP leader Kevin McCarthy laid the groundwork for the Capitol attack for months. 05/11/2020:

“President Trump won this election, so everyone who listens shouldn’t be silent. We can’t let this happen in front of our eyes … band together and let’s stop this. ”

– Jesse Lee (@JesseCharlesLee) January 12, 2021

Two months later, McCarthy, along with Banks and Jordan, voted against accepting the Arizona and Pennsylvania election results (he has since tried to claim that he never supported efforts to broadly overturn the election results).

McCarthy may not have been in favor of storming the Capitol itself – as a Trump supporter on the 6th. I’m not doing any more to quell the unrest. But he doesn’t seem to be in favor of questioning why the riots broke out, or what role his party and the former president might have played in it: When asked about this call during Wednesday’s press conference, McCarthy waved on the 6th – an issue he has clarified will be a focus of the Republican investigation.

When asked about his mysterious phone call to Trump during the uprising, McCarthy quickly changes the subject to law enforcement failures

– Aaron Rupar (atrupar) July 21, 2021

Immediately after the uprising, McCarthy gave a speech in the House of Commons acknowledging Trump’s “responsibility” for the January 6th events – but in a remarkable turning point, he refused to recognize Trump during a July 1st press conference responsibility for January 6th.

The Republicans didn’t really try to hide the fact that they wanted to turn the January 6th investigation into a circus

Just before Pelosi announced that she would not accept Banks and Jordan at the Jan. 6 commission, Banks released a statement suggesting that he intended to turn the committee into a circus.

“Make no mistake, Nancy Pelosi created this committee just to slander conservatives and justify the authoritarian agenda of the left,” said Banks.

Pelosi cited such statements on Thursday as the reason she turned down Banks and Jordan.

“They made statements and took actions that I think would undermine the integrity of the committee,” Pelosi said during a press conference. “As the Speaker of the House of Representatives, it is my responsibility to see to it that we learn the truth. We won’t let their antics get in the way. “

Pelosi on Jordan & Banks’ rejection for the January 6th committee: “They had made statements and taken actions that I think would undermine the integrity of the committee … it’s my responsibility [to] make sure we learn the truth about it. We won’t let their antics get in the way. “

– Aaron Rupar (atrupar) July 22, 2021

While McCarthy may not nominate Republicans to Pelosi’s committee, the House of Representatives investigation will still be bipartisan. Republican MP Cheney has already agreed to serve him, and on Wednesday she criticized McCarthy for “trying at every opportunity”.[ing] to prevent the American people from understanding what happened. “

“We need to conduct this special committee investigation,” Cheney told reporters. “We cannot allow the voices to prevail that try to prevent the American people from knowing the truth.”

Presumably the Republicans responded by pointing out that Cheney is not really a Republican.

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