Tom Cotton will get a match as well being officers attempt to cease Republican COVID deaths

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) complained that public health officials were too concerned about public health as he apparently wants people to die from COVID.


Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) accuses “health bureaucrats” * gasp * of only considering “what they think is in the best interests of public health.”

– The Recount (@therecount) July 23, 2021

Cotton said, “Nobody voted for the CDC. Nobody chose Tony Fauci to make these decisions. Advisors advise. Elected officials decide, and the American people elected Joe Biden and the members of Congress, our governors and our lawmakers to make those decisions for us. Of course, if you simply leave these decisions to a number of health bureaucrats, they will only consider what they believe is in the best interests of public health. They will not weigh interests, such as whether people can make a living, put food on the table or their children can study at school. “

Tom Cotton complains about public health officials trying to prevent COVID deaths.

Senator Cotton’s message is that public health should not try to keep people alive during the pandemic. Tom Cotton wants there to be no safety guidelines so that things can look normal. Forget all the people who die from COVID. That’s only part of the cost of keeping schools open and people staying in their jobs.

Tom Cotton plans to run for president in 2024, and just like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, he’s running on a platform with more COVID deaths for everyone.

Instead of fighting for the freedom to spread COIVD, Senator Cotton should encourage Republicans to get vaccinated.

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