CNN’s Gangel: It should have been excruciating for Trump to listen to heroic cops beat him and his supporters up [VIDEO]

At that time last year, Donald Trump was still in office and nominal head of the Republican Party. However, now that he’s out of office, he still has full control of the GOP. And the party is focused on making sure Trump is protected and never blamed for anything.

Tuesday was a tough day for the GOP. Despite the desperate attempts by Kevin McCarthy to sabotage the 1/6 Insurrection Panel, it started today. And McCarthy didn’t even have bomb throwers like Jim Banks and Jim Jordan to taunt the hearing.

Instead, the four cops were able to tell their full story, which put Trump and his terrorist supporters in a terrible light. CNN’s Jamie Gangel explained why this must have been excruciating for the former president.

The CNN reporter began: “Donald Trump is not happy. What happened today is what he didn’t want. He didn’t want a committee, and up to your point he didn’t have Jim Jordan or other allies to fight back or back off. “

Gangel continued: “It was also devastating because four uniformed police officers, four heroes, sat talking in devastating, excruciating detail about how racist and violent Donald Trump’s supporters were, trying to stop democracy. That was a bad day for Donald Trump. “

At one point, Republicans had control of the White House, House of Representatives, and Senate and were better able to protect Trump. That will be much more difficult in the next year and a half.

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