Opinion: Traitor Josh Hawley introduces legal guidelines to show patriotism to youngsters

The Republican senator, who raised his fist in solidarity with Trump’s insurgents on Jan. 6 and incited them to action shortly before their attack on the United States Capitol, recently passed a law that would allow public schools to “promote patriotism.” Uses in the United States. Like most Republican absurdities since Trump, this latest absurdity is just incredible.

It was everyone who saw Republican Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) show his support for the Trump rebels who made the Capitol a patriot on the 6th.

Hawley also demonstrated that he has no idea what it means to support and defend the United States Constitution by voting on Jan. 6 to eradicate democracy. He then also tried to cover up his party and Trump’s involvement in a seditious conspiracy to overthrow the constitutional order by voting against a bipartisan commission to investigate Trump’s seditious conspiracy that led to the attack on the Capitol.

Put simply, Josh Hawley has to be one of the least qualified people in America to express a desire to nurture patriotism. In fact, most Republicans lack what it means to be patriotic, according to the definition of patriotism. According to several textbook definitions:

“Patriotism is the feeling of love, devotion and a feeling of attachment to a country and an alliance with other citizens create a sense of unity among people. This bond can be a combination of many different feelings, including several cultural, political or historical aspects. “(Author in bold)

Republicans have been divisive for decades, and anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their worldview is seen as “the other.” As a movement, especially since Trump, Republicans have no sense of attachment to the idea of ​​a “sense of unity among people” that is so important to being patriotic.

Hawley said his legislation, known as The Love America Act, will single-handedly “promote patriotism in education” by withholding federal funds from any public school that teaches students the true, factual history of America. In particular, Harley legislation will prohibit the imparting of historical facts about how white supremacy and / or racism played an important role in the founding of the United States.

Hawley’s legislation has nothing to do with promoting patriotism. He joins the GOP nationwide crusade to enact laws that prevent the teaching of “critical racial theory”. As a reminder, critical racial theory is the academic discipline that focuses on the concept that racism is an everyday experience for the majority of colored people and that racism has shaped the legal and social systems of the country. It is a concept that a large part of white society does not want to expose or change because it only benefits white people.

Hawley’s bill also requires schools that receive federal funding guarantee that all students in certain grade levels can read and recite portions of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Loyalty Loan.

Obviously, Hawley and most Republicans at a public school they attended as children failed miserably to teach them how to read, let alone recite and understand, any part of the Constitution or Declaration of Independence. If it weren’t for that, Republicans would have rejected Trump’s seditious plot that led to the attempted coup and rebellion against the United States on January 6.

In promoting his act to indoctrine white supremacy, Hawley stated:

“We cannot allow our children to lose faith in the noble ideals on which this land was founded. We need to make sure that our children understand what makes this country great, the ideals of hope and promise that our founding fathers fought for, and the love for the country that unites us all. “

If Hawley had learned about America’s founding or history during his schooldays, he would know that “the noble ideals” of this land are based on the notion that colored people (slaves) are considered property and counted as 3/5 of a person.

These colored people were considered inferior to the whites. The nation was founded on white supremacy that eventually drove the country into the deadliest war in American history – the so-called American Civil War.

It’s not clear who Hawley is trying to impress, but it is fair to guess that it is the Republican base seething with white anger that people of color have the audacity to demand the same rights guaranteed to every American in the Constitution; Hawley and his Republican cohort reject a very important “aspect” of this constitution.

That point was made by a representative from the Texas state who best explained exactly what the motivation behind Hawley’s “Love America Act” really is, and it has nothing to do with patriotism. Texas Democratic State Representative James Talarico said:

“The focus is not on children. The focus is on scoring points with old, white voters who see that the country is demographically different from them. “

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Born in the South, raised in the Midwest and California to get a comprehensive look at America; it does not look good.

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