Research present that COVID-19 helps take away Republicans from the gene pool in multiple approach

As Civiqs shows, Republicans are still trapped in an anti-vaccine position, with 44% saying they will not take the vaccine. That number has not been hurt by the surge in the Delta variant or by the lukewarm endorsements for the vaccine, cautiously voiced by GOP politicians. It seems that nothing is going to change the minds of Republicans and cause them to take actions that are vital not only to the nation but to themselves as well. We might as well give up and …

Oh wait a second … Dear Republicans, COVID-19 is slacking your cock. Please form an orderly line.

Market Watch doesn’t seem like the first name to turn to for medical news, but Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy, the author of the Market Watch article, is also one of the members of a team that found that COVID-19 causes both erectile dysfunction and infertility in men.

Rumors have been circulating for months about the COVID-19 vaccines causing such problems. These rumors are simply untrue. There is no evidence that the vaccines can cause infertility in either men or women.

But the disease certainly can.

In a study where the testicles of six men (all dead, so stop screaming) were dissected, Dr. Ramasamy and a team or urologists found that half of the people tested had reduced sperm counts. Oh, and samples from a survivor (you can scream again now) showed that not only has sperm count been reduced, but COVID-19 can continue to live in the testicles for months after the initial infection.

And that’s not even the part of this news that makes most men cringe. Because another study “an Analysis of penile tissue ”from two men who needed“ penile implants ”after COVID-19 resulted in severe erectile dysfunction. The suspected cause here is the same cause that is believed to be behind much of the damage COVID-19 can do to the heart, brain, and other organs – blood clots. These clots lead to decreased blood flow. Reduced blood flow leads to frustration and embarrassment.

On the other hand, a new study shows that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are good for the male reproductive system. This is something Republicans may want to keep in mind going forward, especially when hammering their “no to childlessness” issue. Those who have been vaccinated at least have this option, those who contract COVID … maybe not so much.

From the beginning there were Republicans yelling about how the vaccine involved “population control”. And it turns out they are right. Because by rejecting the vaccine, Republicans may not only be risking their lives, but taking themselves straight out of the gene pool.

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