Republicans are utilizing Jan sixth probe to search out the smallest tent doable earlier than 2022

“I was too busy with work,” Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said when asked to explain why he skipped reporting. Hey, who has time to dwell on domestic terrorist attacks on the U.S. seat of government when you’re trying to kill Biden’s jobs and infrastructure agenda?

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy similarly said he was bogged down in “consecutive meetings” during the hearing. But more than likely, McCarthy dutifully prepared a bag full of pink and red starbursts – Donald Trump’s favorite flavors – for his next trip south to kiss the ring.

Interestingly, McCarthy took time out of his busy schedule to attend a press conference ahead of the hearing in which Republicans attempted to scapegoat Pelosi for the Trump mob and his GOP enablers had explored the Capitol.

The event offered the new messaging tsarina of House GOP, representative Elise Stefanik from New York, the chance to really shine in her new role. Stefanik described Pelosi as “an authoritarian who destroyed the people’s house”. Apparently, Stefanik Pelosi’s dictatorial scheme saw through when the speaker gave in to every demand of the GOP for an evenly divided cross-party commission. The Republicans wouldn’t fall for the gambit, by God, so they voted to kill it!

But Stefanik did not want to be immersed in their disinformation campaign about Pelosi in detail.

“The American people deserve to know the truth,” she said, “that Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House of Representatives, is responsible for the January 6 tragedy.”

At the hearing, the four officers did not remember what happened when the terrorists stormed the Capitol.

“Everyone – everyone told us that Trump sent us,” said Sgt. Aquilino Gonell of the US Capitol Police. “Nobody else – there was nobody else. It wasn’t an Antifa, it wasn’t Black Lives Matter, it wasn’t the FBI. It was his supporters whom he sent to the Capitol that day. “

Well, that’s embarrassing – but only if you’ve seen the hearing! Otherwise you can just take it I am rubber, you are glue, whatever you say ricochets off me and sticks to you “approach to reality.

The problem that Republicans keep showing up in Congress is that they have lost their filter on what is in the realm of what is acceptable, as their only real goal is to have the support of about 35% of the nation to consolidate.

This is especially true of the House of Representatives, where McCarthy has tried to corrode any reality that could infiltrate his faction’s Trumpian happiness bubble.

Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, whose voters widely believe he played a role in the siege, let anyone with a real hold on to know that they are no longer welcome in the GOP’s tiny, shrinking tent.

@RepLizCheney and @RepKinzinger have effectively withdrawn from the Republican Conference, “Biggs tweeted Tuesday, just before the panel’s two GOP members attended the hearing.” We should help them out the door by formalizing their departure. “

Get it, Andy! Lose all that dead weight against Trump before midterms. Who wants all these realistic conservative voters?

Certainly not the GOP house. If you’re a so-called “Pelosi Republican” like Rep. Liz Cheney from Wyoming, McCarthy wants you to know that it is time to find a new home.

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