State reveals trans-inclusive pointers for colleges and fogeys freaking out about God and weapons

“We can’t discriminate against my little girl and say we give others more freedom,” said Jony Baker, an organizer of a Stand Up Virginia rally in Wise County, Virginia. Baker, who works in the local sheriff’s office, said her daughter attended a state school and suggested that trans-inclusive policies would remove God from school.

Baker told about 100 people who attended the protest that they did not want their daughter to be “spoiled”, adding, “We love our guns. We love our God, we love our constitution, we love these children. “

Mind you, granting trans young people – and trans people in general – rights and protection does no harm. It does not take away anyone’s rights. Cisgender girls and boys continue to enjoy the same rights and protection.

But Baker wasn’t the only person speaking at the rally, which was held outside the Wise County School Board’s main office (which was closed at the time as it was after business hours).

“Homosexuality is a special kind of sin,” said Huey Ellis, who has a child and nephew who attend school in the county. “If I have to, I’ll take my children out of school and teach them myself.”

Also in the state of Virginia, District Court Judge Fred Watson on Tuesday rejected a challenge from the Virginia Department of Education, as reported by local WFXR. The Christian Action Network sued to prevent the entry into force of trans-inclusive model guidelines, such as: For example, the obligation for teachers to use a student’s name (in place of the name given at birth or “dead” name) and pronouns. Watson argued that the plaintiffs simply are not legitimate and cannot be alleged to have suffered harm related to the trans-inclusive policies that have not yet been implemented.

Stand Up Virginia has now scheduled another protest for Thursday.

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